Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

12 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22473 Best Bespoke eCommerce & CMS Specialists 2022 Being a digital marketing agency with a difference, Netbiz Group takes its duty of support, care, and diligence towards its clients incredibly seriously. From the very first interaction, it dedicates itself to becoming a partner to its customers, getting to know them on an intrinsic level so that it can accurately and representatively help them put their best foot forward. In a world where digital footprint is more pivotal than ever an element of getting discovered – and promoting future growth – it has made itself an indispensable part of its client’s success stories. Fundamentally, Netbiz Group has made a name for itself with its impeccable digital marketing when it comes to bespoke e-commerce solutions, CMS, and more. This includes the design, building, hosting, and maintenance of websites, as well as the operation of SEO campaigns that promise to push the company further up the corporate food chain by getting them propelled to the front pages of the most visited search engines. Additionally, its paid ad campaigns and organic social campaigns have become a highly lauded and highly trusted thing for its clients, with each of these that it runs guaranteeing returns on investments that the client will continually be impressed with. Indeed, over the years it has impressed many clients in this way – from those stepping into the field of digital marketing for the first time to accomplished B2B and B2C market providers – creating a diverse roster of clientele and a sector-agnostic level of excellence. In this manner, it proves that clients can always expect excellence from it, no matter how specific or varied their needs are. Indeed, it can rise to the accomplishment of any challenge, and is incredibly proud of the dedicated and diligent staff within its ranks who allow this to be accomplished by way of their impeccable levels of knowledge and experience, catering to the global stage and more specific markets alike. Being a team that conducts all its operations in-house, this alone shows the depth and breadth of the pool of knowledge its team have access to. There is a holistic involvement and buy-in from everyone in every project, and its digital marketing solutions draw on the expertise of everyone from SEO and UX experts to leading designers, bringing each of these elements together by way of good communication in order to create the best solutions. Its clients, therefore, enjoy a comprehensive digital marketing process that takes them all the way from the very first interaction to seeing its labour bearing fruit in terms of resulting market growth. This, in short, has become more of an important service than ever before over the past few years; with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, growth through in-person means is less viable than ever, and the digital marketplace is more crowded than ever before, meaning that the work one must do to stand out is far more significant. However, once the code has been cracked, someone pivoting to bolstering their online presence will usually find their growth exponentially increased, and this is something Netbiz Group wishes to make reality for many more clients in the future. Having seen growth thanks to the boom in demand for its services, it has been able to truly flex its creative muscles, and its Stoke-on-Trent office has been a buzzing hive of activity and excitement when it comes to helping clients forge their online niche. Moreover, its home base being in Stoke-on-Trent has allowed it to become a true cornerstone of its local region. Getting to know the vast and overlapping different markets and market players in the region, it has endeared itself to the companies found within the road surfacing, alloy fabrication, ceramics, and property development industries, helping professionals within each of these to find their footing in a crowded online space. By helping them plant their roots, and grow accordingly, it has cultivated a number of clients for whom it is their number one and go-to digital marketing specialist, using the glowing reviews and outstanding word of mouth referrals that such clients give to continue its own growth in a sustainable manner. In addition to this, it has been making many close business contacts with organisations and institutes outside of the corporate. This includes local universities, for whom it has become a partner, and in response they have allowed it to recruit and develop skilled talent in order to give graduates the chance to build up their skills and truly aid in forging what the landscape of digital marketing will look like. Going forward, it will be continuing to dedicate itself to these efforts, promoting its relationships within the sectors and fields it has gained a foothold in and strengthening the existing ones. This promises to be a huge contributor in allowing it to keep on its current trajectory towards greater further success. Being such a social, creative, and empathic firm, it has built its entire corporate identity based on working with a level of impeccable understanding regarding a client’s needs and what kind of image they wish to portray, all using an expert foundation of knowledge and logic that keeps it all grounded in the possible. By doing this, it can push the limits of digital marketing whilst guaranteeing good results for its clients, using its certain competitive streak to remain abreast of the competition and work with the latest frameworks and technologies. Thus, as it closes another financial year, it is pleased to say it has been seeing nothing but growth, and expects this to continue in the future, gaining more international clients in Bahrain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the US, and hopefully further afield in the coming years. Company: Netbiz Group Contact: Will Erlam Website: netbizgroup.co.uk