Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

18 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22622 Best Pre-Owned Car Sales Dealership - Nottinghamshire In 2022, a car is, in essence, a necessity – they provide accessibility, freedom, and the ability to travel whenever, wherever. However, cars are expensive, and with fuel prices on the rise, this cost is only going to increase; henceforth, buying a used car can be an affordable way to enter the motor-world. NottinghamCar.Com is a used car dealership that is both transparent and trustworthy, making it the perfect place to start and end your vehicle search. Until 2019, the UK was the second largest car market in Europe, and it proudly flaunted its status as a motororiented nation. Indeed, according to Statista, the motor industry contributed some 15 billion British pounds to the UK economy in 2020. It is clear that the demand is there – so what’s causing this drop in the market? There are a variety of reasons; however, for consumers, a significant contributor is the murkiness of the market. It is often needlessly complicated and expensive to buy or sell a car, and there are so many platforms available for car purchases and sales, with many preying on those that do not know the true value of their vehicle. Cutting through this confusion is NottinghamCar. Com, a family-owned and operated used car dealership hailing from the heart of Nottingham. Established in 2007 by its Managing Director, Charles Sumner, the dealership prides itself upon being ethical and fair, with its inventory of cars ranging from £1,999 to £40,000. NottinghamCar.Com has evolved greatly since its humble beginnings – once upon a time, it maintained a handful of cars in a disused dairy – and it now boasts a collection of over 120 cars for customers to choose from. Its location on Meadow Lane is a far cry from its origins, having evolved from a hub where clients can select their chosen vehicle to a designated preparation site for the valeting team. In August 2021, the company’s new location on Moreland Street opened its doors for the first time, transforming into the brand-new, vibrant showroom. Complete renovations took place during lockdown, which meant that NottinghamCar.Com was able to pour an abundance of attention and effort into developing the new site. Furthermore, the Moreland Street showroom is conveniently located just minutes from the city centre and Nottingham Train Station. The atmosphere is one of calm, and there is no pressure placed upon customers, which is a factor that many used car dealerships are guilty of. The team is friendly, approachable, and informative, and there is always someone available to answer any questions or offer support. Moreover, the team members know a great amount about cars; henceforth, NottinghamCar.Com is equipped to provide help with Sales Enquiries and After Sales Care. From Vauxhall to BMW, and Mitsubishi to Porsche, there is truly something available for everyone’s needs, tastes, and budgets. There are several financing options for which NottinghamCar.Com maintains a devoted team of experts, with the team always being on hand to help with an enquiry. The dealership has relationships with high street lenders and specialist motoring finance houses, which has not only aided hundreds of clients in gaining their preferred car but has also secured them with the best possible finance deal. As such, it is clear to see why the company has received a wealth of recognition; it is a shining example for others within the industry, raising the bar for used car dealerships across the UK. In 2014, NottinghamCar.Com was awarded the City Bank Micro-Entrepreneurship Award for Growth, and for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021 won the AutoTrader Highly Rated Award for Customer Service. NottinghamCar.Com has also been highly commended by its clients, who have rewarded the business with a 4.7-star rating on the AutoTrader platform, with 88% of reviewers leaving the company 5-stars. Andrew H. testifies, ‘Excellent service. Minor problem identified with the vehicle. Director called me directly and arranged for the rectification to take place. The whole purchase was swift with excellent service from all the staff. One very satisfied customer.’ This comment is further supported by that of an anonymous reviewer, who states, ‘The service at Nottingham Cars was excellent. Nathaniel was very helpful and efficient and made the whole process of buying my new car effortless. I would highly recommend them.’ The aforementioned factors have led NottinghamCar.Com to be named Best PreOwned Car Sales Dealership – Nottinghamshire. Revolutionising the industry, the dealership has simplified car purchases and sales, making the process easy and accessible to the masses, and has simultaneously dismantled the lack of transparency surrounding sales. Those looking to sell their cars now have a place to do so where they will not be ripped off or lied to about the value of their vehicle. Simply, for used cars, NottinghamCar.Com is the premium standard. Contact: Laura Sumner Company: NottinghamCar.com Web Address: https://www.nottinghamcar.com/