Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

49 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 excellent service through teamwork; its team takes ownership of every service and product, built from shared passion and commitment. A broad range of top-notch products backs its incredible service. Today CWG Choices offers the most comprehensive range of window and door products from any manufacturer in the UK. The range is further improved by having its genuine timber range supplied by its sister company. CWG offers the most extensive range of PVCU, Aluminium, Timber, and Alu-Clad windows and doors from one supplier for domestic and commercial applications. Its customers can further specify welded or mechanically jointed options, depending on the product range – enhancing the magic CWG weaves into everything produced. As the years have gone on, CWG has added to its missions and values by adopting an ‘easy to buy’ philosophy. It provides its customers with an excellent ‘Product Guide’ as a hard copy, which gives clear images and descriptions of the entire Working over three decades, CWG Choices Ltd has come a long way from a small operation to the largest manufacturer in the UK, crafting 1000 frames a week. With a near-endless choice of shape, style, and finish, it has forged a broad range of window and door solutions that dwarves most other single suppliers. Its journey to its current success and the way it maintains its status is truly fascinating… CWG Choices Ltd opened its doors for business on 4th January 1992. The company consisted of two partners, three operatives, and some second-hand machinery with its aim to produce windows and door frames for delivery of excellent quality at a fair price. It rapidly built up a solid and loyal group of customers, in East England, where most of its selling efforts were centre and, as the Company progressed, by 2006 it had a turnover of £24m. As the Company progressed, its customer’s demands became increasingly sophisticated so its product range expanded in response. By manufacturing the range that its customers requested, and by expanding its skillset, CWG has welcomed change and development that fuelled its growth. CWG now provides product advice, quotations, and incredible professional fitting services – with after-sales care and a 10-year guarantee. Its culture is one of creating success by delivering Best Doors & Windows Supplier 2022 Jun22510 range. However, in keeping with its embrace of change and development, it has invested strongly in its website. The CWG Choices Website is comprehensive and has every aid possible to help customers choose the product required for its project. It includes images, descriptions, virtual showrooms and presentations and a ‘Choices Online’ function, where they can process their quotations and send a ‘ready for manufacture’ order. To further help its customers, there is a direct telephone line to the Processing Department, with a friendly Customer Service Team ready to help in any way they can. In addition, two CWG customer showroom facilities (in Aldridge and Corby) that work well for its trade customers. These serve as a place to browse and purchase as well as pick up online orders. The future for CWC sees additional investments in product development; it’s extending its Corby facility and introducing other CNC and PVC welding technology. On top of that, CWG will continue the refinement and expansion of its product range, proud to be the first window and door manufacturer in the UK to offer an entire product range enabled for Kubu Smart Technology as standard and looking to make similar advancements across its vast range. For over three decades, CWG has adapted and changed to provide its domestic and commercial partners with the products they require and the exceptional service they would expect. With its broad range of materials and options, as well as the ability to further specify elements of its range on top of the organisation’s commitment to reliable and efficient delivery, CWG Choices Ltd has more than earned its award for Best Doors & Windows Supplier 2022. Contact: Philip de Clermont Company: CWG CHOICES LTD Web Address: www.cwgchoices.com