Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

56 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 to help prepare an effective tender response that addresses all points of the client’s specification. They will also use their knowledge and expertise to craft a list of all the additional items that need to be submitted to ensure everything is in order and prepped from the beginning. Through storyboards provided for each quality response, Your Tender Team gives its clients a simple tool to follow along with advice on the content of the bid’s answers. Using these storyboards, a client will then be able to prepare a tender response and, once complete, the Your Tender Manager and the team will thoroughly review them against the commissioner’s requirements – and offer points for improvement. Any necessary amendments, suggestions and improvements are worked through rigorously before submission; Your Tender Team prides itself on how closely it works with the team before, during, and after the review process to ensure complete satisfaction and give the bid the highest possible chance for success. Its 91% success rate hinges on its thorough approach and the transparency and clear communication it maintains between itself and its clients. Growth is imperative for successful business. This satisfies the needs of all stakeholders through more significant margins, influence, and reach – and various other factors. As such, many businesses and resources exist to assist other companies in their goal of expansion. Your Tender Team is one such organisation. It is an award-winning bid writing company that supports firms that wish to develop via tendering. Whether the company’s turnover is £100,000 or multi-millions or billions, Your Tender Team is laser focussed on helping its clients fulfil their desire to win! It writes and reviews hundreds of tenders annually, building vital tendering experience within every sector it works in. Its in-house Bid Writing Team either writes or examines tender responses for clients. It currently has a 91% tender win rate for everything its writes, and with tenders being re-released on average every 3-5 years, it pulls out all the stops to triumph. By enlisting Your Tender Team for a Tender Review & Evaluation, its clients utilise its marketleading experience. It helps to maximise mark scoring opportunities and ensure its client’s internal bid team is on the right track but also gives them the best chance of success through enlisting its own tender writing experience for their bids. By doing so, it saves clients both time and resources. Its mission is to significantly grow every business its works with through tendering and to transform its tender win rate. It has helped to quadruple the size of some of its clients over the last 5-years; it has boosted employment, turnovers, and prosperity in the local areas where it has won these tenders. Your Tender Team’s core value is simple: build long-term trust with clients by guiding them through the process openly and transparently. Your Tender Team is dedicated to improving business performance by winning tenders. Its win rate and the fact that it has won over £600m worth of tenders, in the Midlands alone, is evidence of how its values work in practice. Clients are assigned a Your Tender Team Manager who assists in developing a structure UK Bid Writing Company of the Year 2022 Jul22024 Once the feedback and necessary changes have been actioned, it’s time to submit. From here, Your Tender Team is more than happy to handle this part but also leaves customers to do so themselves should they wish to. This is indicative of its flexible role in the entire process; the team is as involved as the client wants them to be, from an advisor offering tips to the experts overseeing the bid. Its location is fantastic, with most places accessible within a few hours. It is currently managing lots of tenders in the Midlands, in all sectors and, over the last few years, there have been many HS2 related tenders but also plenty of opportunities in the healthcare, IT, construction, and maintenance sectors. Its continued growth throughout 2022 has led to Your Tender Team increasing its bid writing team. Over the next 12-24 months, it aims to double in size as an organisation and will continue providing its award-winning, high-success services to more clients. Contact: James Kent Company: Your Tender Team Web Address: https://www.yourtenderteam.co.uk