Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

62 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 dining hall, therefore, is the perfect base from which to assist what is available, what might be soon, and the tone of the atmosphere. Good eating is as much the company as it is about incredible service. By baring this in mind, the Shahi Masala team have been able to deliver something special indeed to the people of Birmingham, and those who enjoy delectable delicacies. Whilst open daily to customers, the size of Shahi Masala makes it the ideal venue for those special occasions. Whether it’s a causal meal out of with friends or an event with a little more scope such as a wedding or birthday party, the Shahi Masala team have made it their business to be as flexible as possible in order to meet the diverse range of demands. For those who have a slightly sweeter tooth, the option of unlimited ice cream is one which has Good food can be found in so many places, but very few combine all of these in one venue. Shahi Masala has built its reputation on its stunning cuisine, boasting specialisms from numerous sources. In SME News’ Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022, the team achieved breath-taking success. We take a closer look to see precisely what they have done to advance Birmingham’s culinary scene. Based in the heart of Birmingham, Shahi Masala offers a unique experience to the dedicated diner. Whilst not promising haute cuisine, the team’s efforts have seen them offer a multi-cuisine buffet dining experience that is truly second to none. No visit to Birmingham is complete without a trip to draw on the impressive array of delicacies available from this stunning establishment. With so many different cultures around the world offering so many different tastes that deserve to be sampled, it can be a challenge to incorporate all of them under one roof. The team at Shahi Masala does so with ease, offering Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern and Chinese foods alongside a comprehensive host of Salads, Starters, Mains and Desserts. The team’s ability to satisfy any palate has brought in an incredibly loyal audience of customers who want to mix and match high quality meals with total impunity. Many of the ingredients prepared by the Shahi Masala team are locally sourced. Great cooking depends on high quality ingredients and over the years, the team have built some amazing supply chains to elevate their ability. Good food sources, found in the local area, also bring the benefit of being better for the environment. Many of the decisions made by the Shahi Masala team now take ethical and environmental impacts into consideration. The core of Shahi Masala is the building itself, as it provides a space where guests can sit in ease and comfort. This private section is for reserved visitors only, offering a place away from the high street. This part of how Shahi Masala has been able to grow and diversify is what inspired them to incorporate a new private meeting room. This location has proven to be just as successful as their other endeavours. The centrepiece of any hospitality is an ability to deliver service that is without parallel. The main Best Multi-Cuisine Buffet Restaurant - Birmingham Jun22647 proven to be immensely popular. This does come on its own, but visitors can have their ice cream with gulab jamun, halwa, jelly and chocolate as well. As ever with true luxury, it’s the opportunity to choose that sets Shahn. When we look at Shahi Masala, we look at a business that is almost wanting to have its cake and eat it too. They offer everything and everything, always to consistent quality in every respect. With more and more people recognising the brilliant culinary skills of the team behind this amazing Birmingham institution, we cannot wait to see what joys await them in the weeks and months yet to come. Company: Shahi Masala Name: Abuzar Malek Email: shahimasala2015@gmail.com