Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023

44 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 As a very family-centric part of the UK, the Midlands is home to a whole host of interests and age ranges. Understanding this, Julia has committed herself to forging the foundations of art courses that truly are available for anyone from any walk of life. Nothing should stop you in your pursuit of art, and The Drawing Room acts as the cornerstone of learning to express yourself through creativity. No matter what you’ve been told in the past, you have artistic potential. You just need somebody like Julia to help you tap into it with a gentle guiding hand. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Julia never once faltered in her mission to spread her love of art to a wider audience. From this came her now-permanent online Zoom classes, through which individuals can partake in tuition from the comfort of their own home. This ultimately led to The Drawing Room establishing connections with families, not just from other counties, but from other countries entirely. Art has a power to transcend distance, and nothing demonstrates this more accurately than The Drawing Room’s varied array of participants. There’s a wonderful nature behind art that most can take for granted. To some, a painting is just a pretty piece of decoration, but to people like Julia and her students, it’s a way to express yourself. It can be used to promote charitable causes, or simply act as a mouthpiece for what the artist is thinking. There’s a limitless abundance of possibilities behind art as a physical and digital form, and Julia has made it unapologetically clear that it truly is for everyone. The world wouldn’t be complete without the art that fills it – you just might need a little guidance to manifest your vision onto the canvas. We’re very honoured to present The Drawing Room with the title of Best Art Class Provider 2023 – Leicestershire. Julia’s hard work and dedication has undeniably paid off, and her classes and workshops will no doubt continue to inspire artists across the world for years to come. The future looks incredibly bright for The Drawing Room, and with plans for recorded courses in the works, we’re sure that Julia has many more surprises up her sleeve for us to discover. As Julia puts it – “The first time I meet a new student, I hear the same phrase, 'I haven't done art since I was at school, and I was told I was no good then'. This is the start of wonderful beginnings.”. Contact: Julia Smith Company: The Drawing Room Web Address: https://thedrawingroomhinckley.com/ Best Art Class Provider 2023 - Leicestershire 'I haven't done art since I was at school, and my teacher told me I wasn’t any good’. Does this sound like something you’ve found yourself saying before? It seems some school art teachers could act as a roadblock that most budding artists run into very early in their lives, and it can potentially stunt their growth before they’ve even had a chance to bloom. Art is subjective. Anyone can create it. And nobody believes in this more than Julia Smith of The Drawing Room. For anyone wanting to partake in a relaxing, encouraging art environment, The Drawing Room offers a wide range of classes for individuals of any age and ability. With each class taught and guided by Julia, who has a firm belief that everyone should be given the chance to flourish in a creative sense, it concocts a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. The Drawing Room stands as a shining example of what an art class should be, and provides high-quality art education that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. Not only is its list of classes and courses extensive, but The Drawing Room also provides artists of all levels with the opportunity to partake in workshops too. So, whether you’re interested in participating in a comprehensive course, covering subjects from natural landscapes to realism portraits, or looking to attend a class at a time, The Drawing Room will happily guide you through your new artistic venture. Each course has been carefully crafted to stimulate creativity, allowing participants to truly enjoy themselves regardless of their skill level. However, if a more exclusive tuition experience is what you’re seeking, Julia also lends her talents and expertise to delivering one-to-one tutorials. Her art lessons can be masterfully crafted around the needs of an individual, all in the hopes that, through her expert tuition, demonstrations, and individual guidance, she can awaken anyone’s inner artist. It’s incredibly clear that art is Julia’s bread and butter, and she showcases this through her devotion to each and every individual that steps into The Drawing Room.