Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News- Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic 2023 Following the rise of a multitude of online avenues, each exploring mental health in a way that it’s never been discussed before, there’s been an increase in self-reflection that’s led to one resounding conclusion for many: ‘I think I have ADHD’. Unfortunately, NHS assessments can take years to acquire, which is what’s driven ADHD 360 to completely reform the way we approach the diagnosis process. We delve into how ADHD 360 is consistently providing flawless diagnoses and clinical support for the neurodivergent community, and how it’s amending the mental healthcare system.

SME News is proud to announce the Midlands Enterprise Awards are returning once again! Organized by SME News and now in its sixth year, this is a prestigious awards program that showcases the achievements of businesses operating in the dynamic Midlands region. With the region accounting for 9.4% of total manufacturing output of the UK and having a strong presence in a variety of sectors, it’s no surprise that businesses based in the Midlands are at the forefront of driving the UK economy forward. As the UK is due to emerge from its recession from the second half of 2023, Birmingham is set to have one of the fastest growing rates for companies, further reinforcing the Midlands’ position as a hub of business activity. Business confidence in the West Midlands rose nine points during January 2023 to 18%, reflecting the region’s resilience and ability to weather economic challenges. The West Midlands is also the highest placed northern region for attracting Foreign Direct Investment, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to establish a presence in the UK. What better way to celebrate this achievement than to participate in these awards? The Midlands Enterprise Awards, organized by SME News, provides a unique platform for businesses operating in the region to showcase their achievements, innovations, and contributions to the Midlands business community. This awards program is designed to recognize and celebrate the successes of businesses in the region, boosting their company profile and increasing visibility. About our Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: www.lux-review.com Sofi Bajor Editor

Contents 6. ADHD 360: Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic 2023 10. Safe HMO: Best HMO Compliance Training Firm 2023 - West Midlands 12. Nordic Timber Buildings: Best Timber Building Installation Company 2023 - West Midlands 14. okTshirt / Nick & Justin Co Ltd: Best Custom Printed T-Shirt Supplier 2023 16. Walsh Funerals & Memorials: Best Funeral Directors & Memorial Masons 2023 - West Midlands 18. Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited: Most Trusted Waste Management Company 2023 20. Study4Abetterfuture Limited: Best Educational Consultant 2023 - Birmingham 22. In2 Kitchens & Bedrooms: Kitchen & Bedroom Manufacturing Business of the Year 2023 - West Midlands 24. Revive Roofing And Building Solutions: Most Trusted Roofing & Building Business 2023 - West Midlands 26. L T S Global Solutions: Most Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2023 28. Oediamond Academy: Best Holistic Therapy & Life Coaching Institution 2023 - Northamptonshire 30. Howe2 Training & Consultancy Ltd: Best Nationwide Health & Social Care Training Company 2023 32. Darlaston Builders Merchants Ltd: Best Independent Builders Merchants 2023 - West Midlands 34. Assured Vehicle Rental: Most Trusted Vehicle Rental Agency 2023 36. Advantage: Leading Providers of Building Warranty & Insurance 2023 38. Flamingo Marketing Strategies Ltd: Most Outstanding Marketing Agency 2023 - Warwickshire 40. Highlight Crafts Ltd: Best Family-Owned Crafts Company 2023 42. Smart Space: Best Temporary Buildings Experts 2023 44. The Drawing Room: Best Art Class Provider 2023 - Leicestershire 45. Restoration Hut: Best Sustainable Furniture Business 2023 - East Midlands 46. Michael Arthur Ltd: Best Kitchen Retailer 2023 - Derbyshire 47. Haynes Oliver Limited: Best Management Development Consultancy 2023 - West Midlands 48. Subside Bar Ltd: Best Alternative Music Bar 2023 - Birmingham 49. Digital Defined Ltd: SEO Specialists of the Year 2023 - Staffordshire 50. Laurentius Huige: Best Violin Design & Production Specialists 2023 51. TEN HANDS CAFÉ BAR: Best Breakfast & Lunch Venue 2023 - Northamptonshire 52. IMY LEGAL: Conveyancing Firm of the Year 2023 - East Midlands 53. Salon No10 Beauty & Aesthetics: Most Transformational Skin & Beauty Studio 2023 - Derbyshire 54. Wrights Estate Agents: Best Residential Real Estate Agency 2023 - Shropshire 55. Dairy2Door: Best Local Milk & Grocery Delivery Company 2023 - East Midlands 56. ASG Precision Limited: Most Outstanding Precision Manufacturing Company - Coventry 57. Comptech Engineering Ltd: Best Composite Repairs Company 2023 - East Midlands 58. Magtec Electric Gates Ltd: Best Electric Gates Installation Company 2023 59. Hot Wheelz Ltd: Vehicle Repairs SME of the Year 2023 - West Midlands 60. IMP & MAKER Ltd: Corporate Gifting Specialists of the Year 2023 - Lincolnshire 61. Centreco UK Limited: Best Solar Energy Systems Consultancy 2023 62. Hydrogrit Ltd: Best Nationwide Road Line Marking Company 2023 63. IPU Group: Leading Experts in Hydraulic, Air & Spring Engine Starting Systems 2023 64. Pro Port Canopies Ltd: Best Car Port Manufacture & Installation Company 2023 - West Midlands 66. The Executive Solutions Agency Ltd: Best Neurodiverse Entrepreneurial Support Provider 2023

67. S And L Roberts Ltd: Most Supportive Rail Operations Consultancy Firm 2023 - West Midlands 68. Holos Healthcare & Training Ltd: Best Nationwide First Aid Training Provider 2023 69. Impact 4Life Wellbeing: Community Health and Wellbeing Champion of the Year 2023 - West Midlands 70. Chatty Duck Creative Ltd: Best Marketing & Communications Agency - EMEA 71. The Body Project: Most Innovative Health & Wellbeing Service Provider 2023 72. Better Happy: Most Innovative Business Culture & Strategy Training Organisation 2023 73. Jennetts HR Solutions: HR Consultancy of the Year 2023 - East Midlands 74. Purity Financial Services: Best Financial Advisory Firm 2023 - Wolverhampton 75. Block Property Solutions Limited: Best Residential Block Management Services Provider 2023 – Nottinghamshire 76. BTST Osteopathy & Sports Massage Clinic: Osteopathy & Sports Massage Clinic of the Year 2023 – Nottinghamshire & SME Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award 2023 77. WT Pritchard Carpentry & Kitchens: Best Carpentry & Kitchen Fitting Company 2023 - Herefordshire 78. DSK Interiors Limited: Best Bespoke Commercial Joinery Company 2023 - Nottinghamshire 79. T&D Group: Best Maintenance & Refurbishment Company 2023 - Warwickshire 80. Stratique: Best B2B Lead Generation & Marketing Agency 2023 - Staffordshire 81. SafeWise – Health, Safety and HR Advisors: Best Construction Sector SME Safety Consultancy Firm 2023 - West Midlands 82. Resonate Systems Ltd: Best Soundproofing Specialists 2023 - East Midlands 83. Pod Digital: Most Client-Focused Digital Marketing Company 2023 - East Midlands 84. Water Plus: Best Business Water Retailer 2023 - West Midlands & SME Environmental Excellence Award 2023

6 | SME News- Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic 2023 Following the rise of a multitude of online avenues, each exploring mental health in a way that it’s never been discussed before, there’s been an increase in self-reflection that’s led to one resounding conclusion for many: ‘I think I have ADHD’. Unfortunately, NHS assessments can take years to acquire, which is what’s driven ADHD 360 to completely reform the way we approach the diagnosis process. We delve into how ADHD 360 is consistently providing flawless diagnoses and clinical support for the neurodivergent community, and how it’s amending the mental healthcare system. With the rapid increase of mental health awareness since our country’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been more demand for services that’re able to provide effective and affordable private care for those in need of an ADHD assessment. ADHD 360, as a result, was formed with hope that it could pave a brand-new pathway for anyone looking for private ADHD assessments and care. And, as evidenced by its newly gained award-winning status, it’s clear that ADHD 360 has been beyond successful in its endeavours so far. Built on the foundations of 3 professionals’ 60 collective years of experience in public service, as well as a rich background in neurodiversity, ADHD 360 set out to fulfil an incredibly ambitious role. It recognised the lack of support for individuals suffering from undiagnosed ADHD, and sought to rectify this issue before it could worsen in any way. This is all accomplished through its rigorous assessment processes, crafted to grant each patient with the necessities that they could have previously been lacking. In terms of its aims, ADHD 360 has its sights set on a very distinct goal – to bring excellence to a large patient group who’ve been unable to receive treatment, whilst also trying to advocate for enhanced public services. ADHD 360 holds a deep passion for helping the wider world realise the impact that ADHD can have on the lives of thousands across the globe, and it makes this notion clear through its approach towards adapting the way nationally public funded services think and act in relation to neurodiversity. Combine this with an overwhelming dedication to each and every patient, and you’ve got an ADHD assessment clinic that has the best interests of any type of person in mind. So long as you think you may be in need of an ADHD assessment and diagnosis, ADHD 360 will present a variety of options that’re equally crafted, regardless of age, gender, or status. From celebrities to the everyday patient, ADHD 360 sets out to improve quality of life through its services, and does so with a consistent and effective approach at the core of its work. When it comes to these approaches, ADHD 360 has innovated the assessment process in a way that’s both efficient and undeniably impactful. It offers full medical interventions following a detailed and incredibly thorough assessment process, and proceeds to re-

enforce its treatment options with a full collection of non-medical assistance alternatives, should a patient find a need for them. Be it coaching, counselling, or additional support, ADHD 360 allows patients to make the best decision for themselves at no additional cost following their assessments. Of course, with such an admirable and overarching goal to help those in need, ADHD 360 unsurprisingly has a multitude of values that it strongly adheres to. It recognises the immense worth accompanying attributes such as acceptance, encouragement, learning, protection, and respect, and seeks to represent each and every one of these values through everything it does. Every individual patient should be made to feel as though their requirements are being met, and ADHD 360 works tirelessly to carry out every inch of the process with the same amount of attention to detail and adherence to its values. It views these fundamental aspects as its DNA statements, and it’s clear to see through the work that it’s done with previous patients. One former patient expresses how ADHD 360 “Asked very thorough questions and let me talk about my experience. I actually felt listened to and acknowledged”, a statement that lends itself to the clinic’s complete mastery over deploying its values to concoct positive change within a multitude of individuals. It hears people who need to be heard, and none of it would be possible without the fantastic team behind ADHD 360. As for its approach towards ADHD, there’s nobody more understanding than ADHD 360. It’s keenly aware of how the condition can vary from person to person, and the attributes that accompany more extreme ends of the spectrum. As a result, it gives the team at ADHD 360 an unparalleled insight into ADHD, and the necessary assistance that an individual may require in order to ensure their needs are met. This is only viable due to ADHD 360’s strong emphasis on employing staff who are equal parts understanding and kind. Each member of the team has a personal experience when it comes to neurodivergence, which gives them an edge when providing help to a whole array of patients. These incredibly talented and thoughtful individuals serve as the pillars that hold ADHD 360 as high as it is, and their hard work and determination has helped to have a beyond positive impact on the lives of thousands of neurodivergent people since ADHD 360’s inception. Its this careful selection of staff members, coupled with its hard-won ability to marry efficiency with affordability that truly establishes ADHD 360 as an assessment clinic unlike any other. Through sheer perseverance and an overwhelming determination that’s utterly astonishing to witness, the team at ADHD 360 have managed to strike a balance between providing fast services whilst never once having to sacrifice accessibility or quality. And, as a result of its incredible prowess over online referrals and assessments, it’s been able to hone a multitude of areas in a groundbreakingly short amount of time.

8 | SME News- Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 ADHD 360 really has gone out of its way to view ADHD through a lens that outshines other private assessment clinics throughout the world. Its experts hold a detailed awareness of the struggles that accompanies the condition, and have developed every inch of their processes to forge a steadfast methodology suited to any individual. From crafting a variety of treatment packages, to managing how its services are paid for, it’s considered how those with ADHD would respond to certain challenges, and have worked to minimise any difficulties along the way. As previously mentioned, ADHD 360 presents patients with multiple options when it comes to their preferred treatments. Whilst its gold package encapsulates excellence without the extra bells and whistles, and represents the package that the NHS purchase under contract, its platinum package is where the clinic truly thrives. This package, best suited for those who have additional needs or complexities, embodies absolutely everything any patient could need, whilst still being irrefutably worth the extra cost. Additionally, if patients are recipients of universal credit, ADHD 360 provides a silver package. As the lowest cost, and only available to those on benefits, it tackles the core needs of a patient so they can start taking all of the right steps as quickly as possible. Partner this with payment plans available in monthly instalments, spanning from three to ten months for each package, and it’s clear to see that ADHD 360 presents assessment opportunities that are simply unparalleled in both quality and accessibility. Thanks to its location within the midlands, ADHD 360 is also at an advantage regarding connections and positioning. Its adeptness in remote working and online assessments has opened the avenue for ADHD 360 to pursue international assistance, and its main line of focus currently lies within the Middle East. With the support of UK DIT, ADHD 360 is looking to target regions that have yet to recognise the impact that mental health can have on wellbeing and productivity, and is spearheading the movement towards worldwide change. Though ADHD 360 is already meeting a 1,200 assessments per month target, and completely blowing it out of the water, it’s still determined to set its sights on improving these numbers. It knows that there’s a need for its services everywhere, and is incredibly ambitious in terms of the future of the clinic. When we spoke with ADHD 360, the team communicated that they are aiming to reach a whopping 2,000 assessments per month, and we have no doubt that this incredibly capable clinic will have no issues in meeting that goal in the near future. Before the inception of ADHD 360, its managing director, Dr Phillip Anderton, had the opportunity to garner first-hand experience with the effects of ADHD through his role as a senior police officer. Dr Phillip Anderton saw how undiagnosed ADHD could have detrimental effects on a person’s life as a whole, and knew that change had to be made. As a result, ADHD 360 was formed following an old-fashioned policing ethos: “We run to problems that others run away from”. ADHD 360 is a truly special entity that stands as the most effective form of ADHD assessment currently available, and we are beyond pleased to present it with the prestigious award that it so rightly deserves. Contact: Dr Phillip Anderton Company: ADHD 360 Web Address: https://www.adhd-360.com/

10 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Best HMO Compliance Training Firm 2023 - West Midlands Here we learn more from Dal Sidhu, an individual with over two decades of property experience in the industry, who decided it was time to provide genuine property compliance-focused education. Enter Safe HMO Training Academy, a game-changer in the property investment landscape. 10 | SME News IT Awards 2023

"Ending the Era of Misleading Property Advice, Safe HMO Academy Equips Investors with Legal HMO knowledge and property risk mitigation." We have recently launched a new technical property training academy, so potential property investors can learn how to comply, build and mitigate risks associated to either building/re-modelling before purchasing a HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) property investment. There are so many “property gurus” online giving unsolicited and financial advice to members of the public and selling them “financially-free dreams” of becoming HMO property investors. Unfortunately, many people are being sold “unicorn” stories about how they can become multimillionaire property investors by attending one of many drip-fed “funnel” led property courses, which costs them hundreds of thousands of pounds. We are focused on providing all the regulations & technical knowledge that apply to HMO properties, ranging from how to initially find, build/re-model & manage a successful “fire risk” proof and compliant HMO. Our courses are based on current regulations within the Housing Act 2004, HMO management of multiple occupations, HHSRS risk factors to adopt and how to avoid issues relating to FSO (Order 2005). This enables our clients to asses (before the point of purchase), the risk factors their property may have, to ensure they are fully knowledgeable with costs associated and the level of work required to ensure their investment is sound and not a can of worms, and ensures the level of further investment funds required to ensure full compliance to satisfy all the authorities that apply to their potential investment, from day1, and most importantly before they purchase potentially their biggest investment. We started our company (https://www. safehmo.co.uk/) in 2019, once I witnessed first-hand of how “property gurus” operate in this field. I have been in the property industry for over 20 years and have development both commercial and residential properties, in my time. We all know that financial advice is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). However unfortunately the self-proclaimed “property gurus” are giving financial advice and this is not regulated by any authoritative body. We also know that changing properties class use into either Airbnbs, HMOs, or flats etc. contain regulations in such as planning, building control, licences and lawful management. If the correct planning/building regulation is not adopted, this can lead to lender issues, insurance risks, planning contraventions and IMOs (Interim Management Orders) by local councils. However, the level of knowledge in such areas is very scarce and as such many members of the public, architects and lawyers are unsure of all the factors and thus potentially investors can become misguided about their property purchases. Here at our Safe HMO Training Academy (https://safehmo.co.uk/training-academy/) we discuss both the pitfalls and upside to property development with our main focus on property compliance. We currently help estate agents, lawyers, architects, and property investors with crucial and lawful advice on HMO properties. We do not sell unicorn stories or how to become a multimillionaire, we adapt our technical knowledge to ensure a would-be property investor goes in with his/her eyes wide open! As more people trend towards putting their life savings into bricks and mortar to gain more than what banks are able to return them in savings accounts, we arm our clients with a sound knowledge base to start seeking the right property investment and one that does not fall foul of the law. Increasingly with more hybrid work from home models and increasing student population, especially within the Midlands region, the demand for high quality property is on the increase, as tenants seek to cement somewhere to call their home for the future. However, councils are adopting tighter regulations for landlords, especially within the HMO market, as it poses multiple risk when you have multiple people that are unrelated living within a single property. We know that with the right knowledge this creates a huge opportunity for property investors. This is our main focus within our training programmes. We pride ourselves in being technical members of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and as we are a Safe HMO Build Firm we consistently develop lawful turn key HMO’s investment properties for our clients. We are also members of the Masters of Federation of builders and our developments are audited and accredited by Trust Mark, and as such we are Government endorsed for our quality. With our level of knowledge on HMO regulations, planning, build and successful on-going management of HMOs our aim is to teach this knowledge to both potential property investors and estate agents within England & Wales, to ensure not only do they have a HMO Matrix tool to guide them to source the correct HMO investment (from the outset) but also they are fully compliant mangers and/or licence holders for their property and thus run a successful HMO property investment portfolio. We do not adopt property funnel courses, where you may be may encounter drip-fed information until you part with huge funds to access key knowledge. We have a simple three step approach to training so based on your particular budget it is accessible to all. The first guide to HMO’s is fundamental and is free to download. The second option is to sit an online course with interactive questions this enables the user to test their own knowledge in what they have learned. Our third option is a two-day intensive classroom course, based on sound HMO property investments only. Day1 of this classroom course covers all the regulations and legislations, the three main authorities that sit on your HMO and how to successfully satisfy all of them. This leads to day two, where you may be going on site to see how a HMO is developed from ground up – back to brick and full dormer conversions. Recognising the need for a trusted source of information and training within the property investment landscape, our academy is leading the way in providing authentic, up-to-date, and practical knowledge to aspiring HMO property investors. By doing so, we aim to restore confidence in the property industry and ensure that investors can make informed decisions based on reliable information rather than unfounded & misguided advice. Educate yourself today with your FREE HMO Fundamentals guide: https://safehmo.co.uk/ training-academy/ Contact Details: Company: Safe HMO Contact: Dal Sidhu Website:https://safehmo.co.uk/training-academy

12 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Nordic Timber Buildings is a family run business based in Brierly Hill in the West Midlands, UK. It boasts many years’ experience in the creation of stunning outdoor utility spaces and garden rooms, constructed using fully tanalised, pressure treated timber sourced from Scandinavian Redwood. Do you dream of whiling away the hours relaxing in a Scandinavian style log cabin? You could make your dreams a reality with the help of the award-winning team at Nordic Timber Buildings. As one of the leading timber building companies in the UK, it believes in offering its valued customers unquestionable product quality and a superlative service, all at an affordable price. It extends a wide range of buildings and accessories for customers to choose from, with a Quality Friendly UK wide installation service you can rely on. It prides itself on providing the very best products at unbeatable prices. Nordic Timber Buildings offer outstanding value for money on all types of freestanding, outdoor, wooden erections. This includes sheds, storage units, shelters, garden houses, log cabins, residential timber buildings, stables, and the like. For example, it provides a range of alternative garden structures that can help to make your garden the place to go for playing, entertaining, relaxing, working, painting, tinkering, and more. Nordic Timber Buildings is also happy to design and build products that are handmade to your individual specifications. It has years of experience in taking customer ideas and translating them into finished products. Just give them a call if you have your own Nordic timber ideas, and the company will be happy to discuss exactly what you have in mind. The entire shed range at Nordic Timber Buildings is constructed using fully tanalised, pressure treated timber made of Scandinavian Redwood. The treatments impart the softwood timber with the qualities of a long service life, and long-term protection from fungal and insect attack. Nordic Timber Buildings believe that the way your building is treated and presented is one of the most important aspects when it comes to selecting your next purchase. It is confident that no other shed treatment can come close to matching the protection and lifespan that is offered by pressure treatment. Nordic Timber Buildings strongly believe that product quality and great service at the right price is what its customers are looking for. Therefore, it is pleased to be able to offer affordable quality timber buildings that are made from Scandinavian Redwood. It also provides a premium delivery service that comes with a built-in company guarantee. It offers free installation upon delivery, and comprehensive free advice before you commit to any purchase. The company specialises in quality, affordable outdoor solutions, with a terrific range of products available to view in all their finished glory on its website. The main thing that differentiates Nordic Timber Buildings from its competitors, and sets it apart in a uniquely appealing way, is the fact that all its products are bespoke and handmade by the company. It only uses the highest of specifications for its constructions, including fully tanalised, pressure treated timber. It is also reassuring for customers to know that the company’s timber of choice, Scandinavian Redwood, comes from a region that is known for its abundant and high-quality timber resources, meaning sustainability is well considered and observed, alongside the product quality. Nordic Timber Buildings has its home base in the UK Midlands, which offers another huge advantage to the company, particularly concerning the regions well-connected transport links. 90% of the UK population lives within a 4-hour drive of the Midlands, and this means Nordic Timber is able to offer full delivery within a radius of 200 miles. Straight away, this includes the majority of areas in England and Wales. The company’s accessibility is an additional big plus for Nordic Timber Buildings and its many potential customers. Nordic Timber Buildings is a dedicated and professional company, always striving to improve the business and keep moving forwards. Over the past few years, it has progressed from designing and producing standard sheds and summerhouses made from locally sourced materials, to developing a close relationship with 2 new mills in Sweden. This is where it sources its Scandinavian Redwood timber from. The reliable mills supply arctic loads of the highest specifications of fully tanalised, pressure treated Scandinavian timber to Nordic Timber Buildings. The company has also recently incorporated upgrades to its buildings with new options available to have timber joinery doors and opening windows, as well as its UPVC doors and opening windows, with 28mm double glazed units and aluminium bifold doors. In addition, it has increased its options for cladding, with specifications going up to 29mm cladding. The company is eager to grow year on year, and is always enthusiastic about finding ways it can improve and grow its business, and help its valued customers. Nordic Timber Buildings has garnered a number of rave reviews on Trustpilot for its incredible products and services. For example, earlier this year in May, happy customer Dawn Clift was excited to be able to praise the company as being “Super Fabulous”. She continued by explaining, “Craig and Craig have been ultraamazing. We designed a bespoke product in a tricky slot. They took away our worries with professionalism and amazing craftsmanship. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome. We would defo recommend these guys. Professional, polite, considerate and tidy.” Another delighted Best Timber Building Installation Company 2023 - West Midlands “All our Sheds, Workshops and Summer Houses are Bespoke and Handmade by Nordic Timber Buildings to the Highest Specifications using Fully Tanalised, Pressure Treated Timber – Scandinavian Redwood.”

client, Kiefer Haywood was also full of praise for the company. He reports, “Well where to start with these guys? From start to finish they have been great! Managed to please the wife and that's not always easy, ha-ha! Starting with the design and changes to our 20x10, down to the building of the shed, these guys are in a league of their own! 2 great guys came to put the building up, and it was done within 3 hours… If I ever need another one I would be using Nordic, can't recommend them enough to anyone.” With so many happy customers left in its wake, it’s fantastic to see that Nordic Timber Buildings has now been recognised as the Best Timber Building Installation Company 2023 - West Midlands. This prestigious award is a great commendation for the company, who truly sets itself aside from the rest with its terrific products and customer service. Well done to Nordic Timber Buildings on exceeding expectations in so many ways. Contact Details Company: Nordic Timber Buildings Web Address: www.nordictimberbuildings.com Contact Name: Dave Richards

14 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Established in 2020, okTshirt is a relatively young firm which has grown as a company specialising in customising textiles using DTG (Direct to Garment) printing and innovative fabric beautification techniques, based on perfection and accuracy. This passion for design and fashion led the business to focus more closely on the field of textile printing, for high-performance results. okTshirt operates as an online personalised t-shirt store offering custom printing services, utilising a modern printing technique and fast communication channels, as well as producing original products and boasting a fast delivery service. After three years of being online, the firm expanded once again, adding a brick-and-mortar shop in Birmingham to its growing empire. Here there is a wide range of products and services, expanding to providing embroidered uniform services for businesses and schools. Absolutely everything is customisable, from the colour, size, and style of the print, all of which can be adjusted to suit a myriad of different tastes and requirements. “The use of custom t-shirts is almost limitless,” explains Liliana, one of the firm’s Co-Founders, alongside Christian. “They are ideal to reflect a mood or a preference of the wearer, but also in the business field in a marketing campaign, due to the possibility of personalising with a business logo.” With more than 20 years of combined experience within the industry, Liliana and Christian have strong ambitions and a burning desire to achieve something. Putting their skills together on paper, they realised they had a great idea to start a lucrative, fun, and beautiful business through which they could offer both quality and utility to their customers. Liliana has a background in the fashion industry, whilst Christian has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the IT and financial fields. Together, the two are quite the formidable force! As well as the dynamic duo, there is an entire team working behind the scenes who are talented in design and printing, so when a customer places an order they can rest assured that all aspects are verified and perfected. “Our clients are the most important asset of our company, so our employees are trained to offer the best quality to them,” Liliana enthuses. “They wear personalised t-shirts of hoodies with our company logo when they are in the shop. We also have a rest area with two seats and one table for clients who can look to more pictures on our catalogue.” The team are trained to look over every aspect of a new print job – the size, the contrast, the resolution, the possible composition errors, and, if necessary, they can improve the images that have been uploaded or sent in. Based in the Midlands and having initially started out as an online retailer offering printed t-shirts, okTshirt has grown substantially over the last three years and now has a large and varied range of premium garments and gifts that can be personalised to highquality and shipped out fast! We find out more about the company and its incredible journey as it celebrates success in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023. Best Custom Printed T-Shirt Supplier 2023

“We want to make sure that the customisation will look exactly the way you want it, and we do everything necessary so that your design can be printed correctly.” Not only this, but the technology used to get his high-quality print is second-to-none too. DTG represents a new technology and a reliable method of personalising a whole range of clothing and textiles. In fact, many high-end companies use this printing method due to the finesse of the print. “There are no half measures. As a matter of fact, we offer excellent experiences and products. At the same time, the consistency in creating high quality products is the thing that give us the trust of our clients and collaborators.” In the case of white t-shirts and garments, the ink is absorbed directly into the material and when it comes to dark coloured items, a white base is applied which has a slightly rubbery appearance. The ink is very fine and feels pleasant to the touch. The digital print can be made on any t-shirt or hoodie with a content of at least 80% cotton. The print applied directly onto textiles is resistant and qualitative, being influenced both by the quality of the shirt and by its proper washing. “The DTG printing uses a big and expensive printer and the print lasts a long time – more so than any other technology used in this industry,” Liliana says, telling us more about some of the firm’s unique selling points. “For example, we don't use vinyl print because after one or two washes it will crack and peel away from the item. Also, we use only 100% cotton for our items, which are soft to the skin and don't provoke irritation like other mixed fabrics.” Starting a company during the pandemic obviously had its challenges, however Liliana goes on to tell us that it worked well for clients as, due to the fact they couldn’t physically go shopping, they could instead browse and order on the website and have their packages sent out by couriers for fast delivery. Now, in a post-Covid society, okTshirt has seen its loyal customers staying and even order more from the firm. “After Covid, people came back to life and started enjoying the freedom, looking for more and more personalised items,” states Liliana. “It is a growing trend in the industry, especially for businesses that realise that if they want to stay competitive they need to offer professional services, and for that we are here to provide them with that professional look for their workwear.” Being based in the Midlands, okTshirt is also perfectly located in the heart of the UK, meaning the firm can send parcels to clients wherever they may be and have them arrive very quickly. Also, as Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, it enjoys a vibrant and diverse culture where start-ups and young businesses can truly flourish and grow. Recently, for its dedication to clients and its excellent reputation, both online and in the new store, okTshirt gained notable recognition in the Midlands Enterprise Awards and was named Best Custom Printed T-Shirt Supplier 2023. Understandably delighted by this prestigious accolade, Liliana and Christian are now excited for a bright and lucrative future in the fabric printing industry and they are looking forward to adding more lines for printing and embroidery, such as towels, bathrobes, caps, hi-vis vests, shell jackets, and much more, as well as forming more partnerships with big brands such as Amazon and Etsy. “We are ambitious and determined to become the number one online gift shop in the UK,” enthuses Liliana. “At the present time, we persevere and do whatever it takes to achieve our goals. That is why we treat all things with a high degree of seriousness. From making and shipping orders to dealing with our customers and employees, okTshirt is your best choice!” Contact: Liliana and Christian Company: okTshirt / Nick & Justin Co Ltd Web Address: www.oktshirt.co.uk

16 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Best Funeral Directors & Memorial Masons 2023 - West Midlands Walsh Funerals & Memorials is a well-established firm consisting of an all-female group of funeral directors. It manages 2 funeral homes, in addition to 2 large scale, and fully refurbished memorial showrooms. The company has over 40 years of experience within the memorial industry, and offers some of the highest quality bespoke headstones in the UK. Walsh Funerals & Memorials has two bases in the West Midlands, one in Walsall and one in West Bromwich. It is able to offer all of its services under one roof for families who are seeking to arrange funerals for a deceased loved one. This includes the personal attentions of the company’s all female funeral directors, and its award-winning team of skilled stone masons. The company can offer unique memorials of the utmost quality to its UK customers, with everything arranged in the same location as the funeral to hopefully make this process slightly easier for bereaved family members. The team who work at Walsh Funerals & Memorials are an extremely professional and diligent group, who foster a real sense of family and togetherness in their workplace. Working within the funeral industry can be a very rewarding position. It means that funeral directors’ staff are often in a position of privilege, supporting and guiding families in their time of need. Walsh Funerals’ staff are pleased to be able to offer the hand of friendship to grieving families, and will often remain as good friends to the persons they help for years to come. Walsh Funerals & Memorials think it is important to provide a service that allows families to deal with the same company throughout their difficult journey, as this helps to make them feel more comfortable. The company offers a range of services, including transport arrangements (inc. hearses and limousines), floral tributes, order of service arrangements, obituaries, and charity donations. It also offers some particularly special services, such as provision of memory bears. Each memory bear is a lovingly handmade teddy that incorporates a chosen piece of the deceased loved one’s clothing. It’s a beautiful way of turning a memorable outfit into something that remains significant and special. There is also an option to store a small amount of the deceased loved one’s ashes in the memory bear. Other facilities offered by the company include a specially arranged dove release. Knowing that the vision of a white dove, flying up into the sky, can offer a something of a soothing touch to many in a time of sadness and sorrow, Walsh Funerals offers this at all funerals for no extra cost. Consequently, this has become one of its most popular funeral additions. Another unique option available to select is the Ladies in White funeral procession. Instead of the traditional all black outfits, this service option sees the funeral staff contingent all dressed in white. This softens the look, and creates what many people perceive as a more peaceful sight. When used in conjunction with a horse and carriage, this creates a service that is very special indeed. The coffin choice is another aspect of the ceremony which can be distressing for many to approach. Walsh Funerals & Memorials team of funeral directors understand this, and want to be there to help soften and support the decision-making process. It offers many bespoke options for coffins and caskets, ranging from the type of material it is made from, through to the finishing colour. Whether it is a simple design, or a truly elaborate coffin that is sought, it will be able to help locate and supply what is needed. It works with specially selected coffin suppliers to ensure that it is able to offer a varied choice of high-quality pieces. Because not all coffins and caskets are suitable for burial and cremations, the experienced personnel at Walsh Funerals & Memorials will always be on hand to guide and offer any answers to queries. The staff at Walsh’s will also help customers with a choice of music and hymns. It knows this is an important aspect regarding celebrating the life of a loved one, and can offer solace to the family. It can arrange things such as an organist, a soloist, Highland pipers, a bugle player, or even a jazz band as a special way of remembering the deceased. Walsh realises that funerals can be very expensive occasions to contend with, and so it also offers pre-payment plans. It knows that having to think about your own funeral arrangements can be an uncomfortable thing to do, but it encourages it as it knows that thoughtful pre-planning can secure your peace of mind, comfort and reassure family members left behind, and also spare them the burden of making arrangements at such a difficult time. It also means that the fixed cost of a funeral can be secured at present day prices. Walsh Funerals & Memorials continues to develop its 2 funeral homes and memorial showrooms. It has recently turned its Memorial masons, based in West Bromwich, into a fully functional Funeral Home, in addition to being a beautiful memorial showroom. It constantly invests in the company and its processes, to ensure that it keeps improving and stays at the forefront of the industry. “We are proud to be able to say that we offer some of the most unique and highest quality memorials in the UK. As you are able to arrange your loved ones memorial in the same location and with the same staff as you arranged their funeral it will hopefully make this a slightly easier process for you.” Walsh Funeral & Memorials has accomplished a great deal of which it can be most proud. It was a stalwart servant to the community during the recent COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Staff members were fantastic at this time, with an absolute commitment to be on hand to look after families who needed them, to the very best of their abilities, whilst still adhering to the restrictions. The company has won the Silver Award at the Cemetery of the Year Awards in the BRAMM Memorial Design Competition for two years in a row. It has also won the Three Best Rated award for being in the Top Three Funeral Directors in Walsall for 7 years running. The hardworking company is constantly looking to further progress and develop its business operations. In that regard, it has invested in some quarries in India in order to be able to provide its customers with the best quality of granite around. It is proud to be able to guarantee this quality product for its valued customers. Walsh’s is always looking at ways to expand its funeral business, and hopes to soon be in a position to increase the quantity of its staff and even open up a 3rd funeral home. All credit to this fantastic business who have now been awarded Best Funeral Directors & Memorial Masons 2023 - West Midlands, in the Midlands Enterprise Awards. Its professional staff, caring nature, and incredible range of services makes it more than deserving of this accolade, and bound only to continue excelling in its niche.

Company: Walsh Funerals & Memorials Web Address: www.walshfunerals.co.uk Contact Name: Jake Walsh

18 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023 Most Trusted Waste Management Company 2023 Headquartered in Warwick, Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited is a waste management and recycling company that aims to minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill by enabling businesses to recycle as much as they can. Since its foundation, it has grown into a leading provider of specialist recycling, waste, and labour services in the UK, focusing on innovation and sustainability. 18 | SME News Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023

Every organisation, regardless of its size or industry, is socially, morally, and legally responsible for ensuring that its byproducts are processed in a safe and sustainable way. In 2008, Allwood Recycling Solutions was established to help companies fulfil this responsibility by providing them with excellent waste management services. Through these offerings, it helps organisations “do the right thing” and ultimately reach their sustainability goals. Overall, the Allwood Recycling Solutions mission is to protect the environment by minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill and maximising the amount that can be recycled. To achieve this, the company leverages innovation across all of its contracts, utilising its wealth of experience and knowledge alongside cutting edge processes to guarantee sustainability and efficiency across all recyclable waste streams. Its team work hard to prevent waste from being sent to landfill by instead ensuring that it is recycled, treated, recovered, or transformed into energy. Since its establishment, Allwood Recycling has evolved and developed in many ways. During its early years, it was solely focused on the collection and processing of waste wood. However, it has since expanded its services to include plastic and card recycling, commercial waste collection, labour, and other waste management solutions. In addition, Allwood Recycling Solutions has worked to develop and enhance its network of waste recycling and management partners and expand its customer base over the years. This has enabled the company to meet both its network’s appetite for waste materials and its customers’ appetite for rebate values on those materials. In this, it provides a service that has been needed in the UK for many years. At Allwood Recycling Solutions, every waste management challenge is seen as an opportunity. The company’s team identify problems and produce innovative, bespoke solutions that fulfil clients’ requirements whilst driving progression towards a zero-carbon future. Through its proactive, competitively priced services, the company works to not only meet their needs but also exceed their expectations, enabling them to achieve their sustainability targets and reduce their waste costs. Last year, it helped some of the biggest household names to “do things right” by sustainably managing their waste. The team at Allwood Recycling Solutions play an essential role in its achievement of these goals. For this reason, it aims to hire people who enjoy a challenge, are committed to environmental sustainability, and want to work for an organisation that makes a difference. Since the company works to effectively protect the environment and drive sustainability, being part of its team can be very rewarding for people with these traits. Currently employing over 130 staff members with a variety of specialisms and skills, Allwood Recycling Solutions is a dynamic and engaging workplace that offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Its culture is centred around the fact that its team go home at the end of the day with the knowledge that they have made a positive contribution towards a sustainable future. In the work they do, Allwood Recycling Solutions expects its employees to demonstrate five key values: excellence, accountability, responsibility, teamwork, and honesty (EARTH). Furthermore, all staff undertake CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) training, which ensures that clients receive the best services possible. Allwood Recycling Solutions conducts business with honesty, transparency, and ethics. It works to build long-term relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect by providing them with services they can rely on. To this end, it operates with a “quality first” ethos. This is reflected in the certifications it holds, namely ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001. In addition, the company has Safecontractor status and is a CIWM affiliated organisation, further emphasising its commitment to quality, the environment, and workplace safety. Allwood Recycling Solutions has sites all over the country, but its head office is located in Warwick. Operating centrally in the UK, the company reaps a number of benefits, including the ability to travel anywhere in the country in good time. In addition, many of its clients’ Distribution Centres are conveniently located in the Midlands, meaning they are highly accessible from its headquarters. As a result of the high-quality, sustainable waste management services it delivers to clients across the country, Allwood Recycling Solutions has been awarded Most Trusted Waste Management Company in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2023. Whilst it is already present throughout the UK, Allwood Recycling Solutions plans to expand further in order to help more companies manage their waste sustainably and prevent more waste from going to landfill. It also continues to expand its range of services, investing in new technologies and solutions to maximise the amount of waste that can be recycled. Despite the economically challenging environment and ever-evolving regulations, Allwood Recycling Solutions looks towards the future with optimism and excitement. We wish the company the best of luck and can’t wait to see what it goes on to accomplish in the coming years! Contact Details Contact: Melanie Wheeler Company: Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited Web Address: allwoodrecycling.co.uk