Northern Enterprise Awards 2020

24 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20443 Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020 BeUniqueness is a UK leading digital marketing agency for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises within e-commerce, coaching, financial, legal sectors and more. Using the latest technology and techniques in content marketing, social media, PPC, email marketing, website design and much more, BeUniqueness helps firms get a much better return and warm leads for its marketing investment. It doesn’t stop there; Recently, BeUniqueness has launched two innovative systems called B.M.S.L (Branding. Marketing. Sales. Loyalty) for e-commerce and L.G.G.P (Lead Generation Guarantee Program) for lead generation business that helps each generate a minimum of 21% ROAS or leads, guaranteed (or full money back + £500 for wasting time) About The Director Director Mohamed Elhawary is equipped with a strong foundation of aptitude, attitude, and awareness in the sector. He decided to build his own digital marketing and branding enterprise to revolutionise the digital marketing industry in the UK for SMEs. Having previously handled marketing and branding projects for Global firms such as ZARA, Walls and Lego, Mohamed possesses a sound academic background with two Masters Degrees (in International Marketing and International Business), marketing and business certificates from Harvard and UCLA, and a proven track record of digital marketing and branding excellence that continuously emphasised on delivering measurable results and growth. “Our mission is to provide revolutionised B2B digital marketing solutions that help clients’ businesses to reinvent their digital presence with a tangible impact on their bottom line,” he explains. “These solutions guarantee 10X ROAS by helping clients’ businesses foster meaningful relationships with their audience and build better brands through connected digital experiences.” BeUniqueness has several USP’s which Mohamed believes are what truly sets the firm aside from competitors. These include its innovative auto- tech dashboard, which allows users to track all their managed campaigns in one place Live; the ‘ready-to-use website’ in less than a minute; free service activities for an initial six-month period; and it is the first marketing agency in the UK to offer a cash-back reward incentive for clients. Being based in the north, Manchester in particular, is also the ideal location for the firm, explains Mohamed, as Manchester is the hub of SMEs in the north, plus the city of Manchester holds a pedigree in creative and digital businesses. Finally, BeUniqueness’s dedicated and committed team are an asset to the company, and Mohamed looks to recruit active, energetic and fast-learning employees to ensure its continued success for the future. Company: BeUniqueness Ltd Contact: Website: Multi-Award-winning marketing agency, BeUniqueness, offers all-in-one services and complete marketing packages with guarantees to its clients to ensure they get the best return possible on their investment. Founder and director, Mohamed Elhawary, tells us more.