Northern Enterprise Awards 2020

25 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20385 Best Industrial Building Refurbishment Specialists - UK Based in South Shields and operating throughout the UK, Shields Coatings is a company of experienced professionals in cladding coatings for commercial spaces such as factories, warehouses and industrial units. Building cladding is prone to inevitable deterioration thanks to British weather and the wear and tear of age. As specialists in metal roofing and protective or decorative cladding coatings refurbishment and cleaning, Shields is able to offer high quality care and industry recommended techniques to prevent irreversible damage and get any property looking good as new once more. More efficient and cost-effective than cladding replacement, cladding refurbishment is fast becoming the more favourable option for tenants and building owners looking to restore their property. Thanks to Shields’ comprehensive and accredited services, clients are able to benefit from competitive prices, a less disruptive process, and tried and tested methods that guarantee results every time. These are not empty promises; Shields offers insurance backed guarantees to give their clients peace of mind. Shields’ services include cladding coating and cleaning, floor and factory door painting, on-site spraying, flat roof and rooflight refurbishments, and gutter and fascia refurbishments. Shields is also able to provide preventative measures against cut-edge corrosion, which affects buildings that use corrugated steel or aluminium sheet cladding as a protective layer on their roofs. The area where the sheet overlaps is susceptible to regular weathering and over time can become vulnerable to oxidation, because the exposed edges do not have the same covering or protection as the rest of the cladding. The oxidation and exposure to other pollutants slowly eats away at the edges and causes increasing corrosion which, if left untreated, can cause leaks, compromise the roof integrity and destroy the weather-sealed lap joint. Cut-edge corrosion can be fixed relatively easily if caught early, and treatment of the corrosion can prolong the lifespan of the roof sheeting for over fifteen years. Whether clients are seeking to ensure the integrity and longevity of their property, or just to revitalise it with a thorough clean and refurbishment, Shields ever-expanding range of products and systems makes the South Shields-based enterprise a premier choice for building owners all across the North East. Even those further afield in the UK frequently seek Shields’ services and the company regularly travels out to assist them too. Driven by customer satisfaction and pride in their work all over the UK, Shields has been able to continue thriving throughout the pandemic, providing its unparalleled services with their same friendly, customer-centric approach. As a result, the firm is able to look forward to many more new and exciting projects over the years ahead. Company: Shields Coatings Contact: Stephen Russell Website: Shields Coatings is a protective and decorative coatings company that provides comprehensive metal cladding and roof refurbishment services in South Shields and around the UK. Comprised of a team of experienced professionals, Shields is able to provide comprehensive solutions for all cladding coating needs that are cost-effective and efficient.