Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

75 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 The winner of the Best Independent Retailer category for the Chester BID Customer Service Awards across three consecutive years, Watergate Street Gallery is a leading independent art gallery that provides an outstanding space for artists to display their work, and visitors to peruse it. With over 3000 square feet of Space in Chester, and thousands of paintings showcased therein, it has made itself a ‘must see’ attraction for the local area, and a destination for art enthusiasts and collectors all over the UK. The Watergate Street Gallery, a place of artistry and modernity, combines retail and the gallery experience into one brilliant business in the heart of Chester. Overall, its core mission is to provide a space for different, quirky, affordable contemporary art that scratches the itches of the modern collector. It knows that the tastes of the current paradigm are far different than they were 50 years ago, and unlike many galleries, it wishes to move with the times instead of miring itself in the past masters and only celebrating the more traditional mediums. Here, guests can buy original art from brilliant visionaries that represent a critical shift in art culture, from Sam Toft to Kerry Darlington, Jack Vettriano, Leigh Lambert, Quentin Blake and more. Currently showing some incredible limited edition prints in from Kid-B, a British Typographical artist, this artist’s work shows the marriage between music and the visual medium with aesthetically vibrant, street-art style pieces. Fundamentally, a guest can expect to come across pieces that celebrate an environment that blends a timeless message with a contemporary aesthetic style. This is just one of the many currently on show at this bold gallery, championing the fresh new ideas of today’s artists. It also takes pride in the events it runs on a constant and vibrant schedule. In high demand as a venue, it prioritises art events that befit the aesthetic and ethos of the gallery and enjoys being a space where art lovers can come and immerse themselves in the imaginations of new creators who work across all manner of different mediums. Most recently, Leigh Lambert was being shown with his ‘Those Were The Days’ exhibition that took place on the 3rd and 4th of December. Critically, Lambert is a mainstay of The Watergate Street Gallery’s exhibit halls and a favourite of the gallery’s staff, heavily sought after up and down Best Contemporary Art Gallery 2021 the country due to his distinctive style, which involves black and white background upon which colourful figures interact with the scene. Demonstrating the contrast between a bleak surrounding world with the hope and joy of the people within it, his art invokes nostalgia, childhood memories, and the perseverance of innocence, making him a darling of UK contemporary art. Whether a visitor is a seasoned art collector or a beginner looking for the piece that will begin their collection, The Watergate Street Gallery promises that they will be able to peruse the wide variety of work on display and find something they fall in love with, allowing them to support modern contemporary creators. Company: The Watergate Street Gallery Contact: Alex Sharp Website: Instagram: @watergatestreet_art Telephone: 01244 345698 Nov21474