Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

74 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 may we say he has in buckets full. Not to mention talent and flair in the kitchen, his attention to the presentation of his dishes and amazing qualities that are essential skills that can’t be taught.” Overall, food can be cooked by pretty much anyone willing to try or learn. Still, the simple necessity for the love of the job, the creation and respect for ingredients and passion for the deliverance is an ability that one can’t obtain in books or class – but it is found from within the person, and it reflects in all they do. Hence, the mountain of overwhelming feedback for Aloha’s food. Aloha has worked tirelessly to improve its already reputable restaurant over the past few years. As a result, through modernisation, locally sourced ingredients and a collective team passion, Aloha is an establishment that will be distinguished within the hospitality business for many years to come. Company: Aloha Bridlington ltd Contact: Darren Skeggs / James Morrison (Owners) Email: Web Address: Based in Bridlington on the east coast of Yorkshire, Aloha Steakhouse and Grill thrives within the town, reputable for tourism and fishing. Recognised as East Yorkshires Best Steak and Grill Restaurant, Aloha is situated with one of the best views of the harbour to spurn point – one-of-a-kind dining experience found within the UK. With one of the most welcoming experiences, a person could have, Aloha Steakhouse and Grill is appreciated and thriving due to its incredible customers who often visit on a frequent basis and even more so during tourist trade season. Aloha’s overall objective is to provide the best hospitality within a modern and vibrant restaurant experience. Its front of staff is immensely friendly, providing a relaxed but efficient atmosphere that reflects genuinely on the establishment and is backed by its highly supportive customers and staff members. Pride in its service and presentation is accomplished through passionate people and product knowledge with, above all else, consistency aiding its goals. Aloha is a customer- centric business with a strong enthusiasm for a family-like atmosphere that encompasses the true nature of the restaurant: good food and good vibes. Aloha stands out from the crowd and the generic steak and bar competitors based across the entire nation. The restaurant has unique views, a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere for all ages and is refurbished to modern fashion. The views alone are the best you can find in Bridlington. Still, the warming aura and delectable food keep customers coming back and allow the business to flourish and keep up with market trends, flavours, and open hospitality. While the menu may look like a traditional steakhouse, the simple finishes, flavours and presentation are far from a traditional grill house. Catering for all ages and diets, Aloha has everything from steak, chicken and seafood to plant-based items. The flavours are an eclectic mix of English, American, Mexican and Asian inspired flares that entices every tastebud and creates a sumptuous aroma from the moment you enter. A truly captivating experience for a family- get-together, a cosy date, business casual outings Best Steak and Grill Restaurant 2021 - East Yorkshire or perhaps a meal for one, with a sharing platter without extra prodding fingers. However, the hospitality business has taken one of the biggest hits in the economic sector due to the ongoing difficulties placed by the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, Aloha was patient and optimistic for restrictions to be lifted, focusing on making a bigger impact with its newly fitted restaurant and bar and an updated menu to attract a broader clientele. A tactical manoeuvre that many restaurants did if they were lucky enough to survive the turbulence storm, which, Aloha successfully achieved. Being situated in the north aids in business abundantly, with it being one of the biggest shellfish exporters in the country. Thus, local establishments such as Aloha can procure incredible, locally sourced produce from the surrounding areas, which has allowed the establishment to expand its seafood menu significantly. However, an incredible menu and wonderfully fresh ingredients can only get you so far in the restaurant business unless you have a dynamic and immensely talented chef. Directors, Darren Skeggs & James Morrison, explain, “When recruiting our new head chef, it was simple passion. Passion for his menu - which Nov21296