Northern Enterprise Awards 2021

76 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 stories that these people can still tell through what they left behind. With continually improving online facilities, always new things to see, and the rich culture of the Ryedale and Scarborough areas, it welcomes anyone and everyone to its museum, and is looking forward to seeing its visitors reactions to its fresh ideas as it moves forward towards 2022. With a new exhibition hall to open soon, newly restored vehicles, and new forays into modern warfare exploration, there is plenty for guests old and new to look forward to. Company: Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum Contact: Harriet Stainton Website: Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum, a totally immersive experience of 20th century conflict and history, has made itself a mainstay of British heritage tourism. With beautifully restored buildings, new exhibits rolling out often, and an expanding online reach that is allowing more people by the day to experience its work, it grants visitors the ability to step into history, giving a voice to the past so that modern people can learn from them. In essence, its emphasis on the diverse myriad of lives and perspectives that the past holds has made Eden Camp a must-see historical site. A tourist attraction in the UK, the Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is an immersive education centre focusing on World War 2 and early modern conflicts. With an emphasis primarily on the perspectives of the home front and front-line combatants and civilians both, it offers an interactive view of history that allows visitors to truly get in touch with the past and to cultivate a deep sense of empathy with the living elements of history that have forged the world as we know it today. Fundamentally, the Eden Camp’s core mission is one of ensuring a sustainable, commemorative, educational, and immersive experience for all its visitors whilst protecting the heritage that it is showcasing, supporting local businesses and providing advantageous opportunities to volunteers and employees. With an ethos of ‘preserve, restore, and share,’ it wishes to bring the international impact and heritage of wartime people to a wider audience. Drilling down into these individual narratives of the specific people that worked and lived during these times, their experiences, and their wisdoms, it allows modern people to learn from the past by immersing themselves in the reality of their ancestors, using social media channels and its online platform as well as its in-person site to do so. This, in essence, has been its goal since its opening in 1987, and it is constantly exploring new methods and technologies in order engage with new generations. This has continually grown and developed over the years to make Eden Camp into what it is today; located within an original World War 2 Prisoner of War Camp that is celebrating its 80th anniversary in Spring of 2022, the unique buildings and tranquil area provide the perfect backdrop for a reverent and respectful use Best Educational Day Out 2021 of the 1940s displays. A rare, immersive, and highly diligent site, each staff member works hard to maintain the fragile historical elements held within, ensuring that restorative work is kept up with. Marking itself out as different to other heritage sights, it is privately owned and works entirely independently, exploring various projects without limitation and allowing a bold new frontier of education and research to take place across the board. Recently, it received an essential award from the Culture Recovery Fund from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It is incredibly grateful for this, and promises it will be put to good use in ensuring that its displays are updated to be diverse, inclusive, and contextual. It wishes to engage with all elements of its audience through allowing them to see themselves in history, showing the variety of different people who lived and worked at the time, and the multitude of Oct21059