Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

114 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Best Luxury Flower Gift Company 2022 You may not be surprised to learn that humans have offered each other flowers since ancient times. It’s said that the tradition began back when the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians brought flowers to their gods as offerings. This soon extended, and blooms were also offered to women as a mark of affection or appreciation. Much later, during the Victorian era, we began to offer flowers for a range of different reasons. Today, flowers are not only given as a symbol of love and affection but also as a mark of respect, celebration, or remembrance. The flower industry is, quite literally, blooming. One company that’s committed to ensuring top-quality service every time is Haute Florist. A subsidiary of luxury gifting company, Haute Florist will deliver beautiful flowers anywhere in the UK as early as the next day. A company spokesperson tells us, “Our flowers arrive fresh from ethical farms all over the world. We choose the very best quality stems and our artisan florists arrange them with love. Whether you’re looking for a luxury bouquet or a stunning hat box design you can rely on us for the best quality and service. At Haute Florist, quality, care and satisfaction are so important to us. Our artisan florists put their heart and soul into every bouquet.” Beautiful flowers are despatched seven days a week ensuring optimum freshness. Haute Florist buys all their flowers from ethical and sustainable sources. The company takes great care to ensure that the needs of farm workers and the environment are a priority for its suppliers. And the commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there, Haute Florist ensures that every stage of the journey is sustainable – from the farm to your front door. The spokesperson explains, “Here at Haute Florist, we’re committed to the happiness of our planet and its people. Many of our stems come from ethical farms protected by the Kenyan Flower Council. All our packaging is recyclable too. We take great care in limiting waste and protecting flowers whilst they are in transit.” And Haute Florist is big on recycling too. Each year the company recycles over 100 tonnes of green waste into compost. It also recycles its cardboard - around 60 tonnes per year. Working towards ‘zero-landfill’, Haute Florist recycles everything it can. The company has replaced the majority of its plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives. Raffia (made from hay) replaces ribbons. Even flower food packaging is compostable, including the ink which is dissolvable. Encouraging customers to join them, Haute Florist encourages them to press or dry their flowers. And, when they’ve seen their best, put them into a compost bin, not into landfill. Recently, Haute Florist launched its exclusive delivery pass service, Haute Plus. Featuring a whole year of unlimited free deliveries and complimentary gifts, clients also receive invitations to events and workshops and exclusive access to product launches and special offers. Contact: Maryam Ghani Company: Haute Florist Web Address: Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Haute Florist delivers fresh, luxury flowers for every occasion, all over the UK. Established in 2014, Haute Florist prides itself on the quality of its flowers and the reliability of its service.