Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 121 Oct22208 Established in May 2021, GlasHaus Design has utilised the combined 50 years’ experience of its directors to revolutionise the garden room industry – and beyond. Following the double recognition in the Northern Enterprise Awards, we spoke to the company to find out how it has built its incredible reputation in just over a year. Ed Dupuy and Andrew Stedmans are a powerful team indeed, with a history for innovation and driving paradigm shifts in the industry. Together, alongside Sarah Brook, they launched GlasHaus Design at a time that many businesses were hunkering down, preparing for the worst. Its success today truly stands as a testament to the products and services that the team provides – and the excellence that defines the company’s operations and processes at every stage. We spoke with Jenny Rhodes, Assistant to the Directors, to discuss how GlasHaus Design has moved from strength to strength over the last 12 months and how Ed and Andrew’s history impacted the company. Individually, Ed and Andrew are masters in high end, aluminium glazing solutions. Together, and with the continued support of their already highly skilled team, they have been providing a flawless aluminium glazing experience for happy consumers across a range of sectors from concept to completion for many years. “Never ones to rest on their laurels, Ed & Andrew set up GlasHaus Design Ltd at a time when many businesses were failing, all while continuing to successfully serve the commercial industry through their business at AGS. They have adapted to their new consumers buying habits, needs and desires and developed some showstopping designs that have attracted a lot of attention online, resulting in a variety of bespoke projects that are currently in progress.” Of course, as Jenny moves on to explain, the business is still very young, and plans are in place to double down and secure the momentum GlasHaus has so far maintained. “Some of our focus points for the next 3 months are continuing to build a luxury service experience for our clients, finalise our new customer relationship management tool, modulising our garden room designs and building our online presence through social media, google ads and website updates.” For those not in the know, the garden room sector is booming, even before the pandemic when people began investing in their housing space in light of simply spending more time there. It is also defined by a dedication to luxury, and bespoke designs that cater to the individual needs of the client in question. Where GlasHaus Design has looked to distinguish itself is in adapting Ed and Andrew’s previous experience in the commercial sector to benefit this more tailored market. In action, this allows the team to create incredible garden rooms to specification in short lead times. The commercial sector, after all, demands such speed and efficiency, and now GlasHaus Design’s clients can benefit from such experience. Catering primarily to wealthy homeowners between the ages of 40 and 60, GlasHaus Design has built a habit out of exceeding the highest of expectations, utilising the honed skillset of the directors and team to deliver exceptional, industrysetting garden rooms. “We are developing a luxury service alongside our luxury designs. This offering has developed quite considerably throughout the past 3 months and in line with our company motto, will be continually assessed and developed into the future. Our latest update to our service is all paper correspondence (limited to three pages) is printed onto recycled, seeded paper (bought from a small, local, independent business), that can be thrown onto garden soil and wildflower will grow.” Ultimately, and as you might imagine, the future of GlasHaus Design lies in growth. It is, after all, just over a year old and gaining momentum every day. Jenny takes a moment to talk about the future of the company in her closing comments. “To date we believe it is an achievement to be a start-up business, moving from strength to strength, at a time where so many other businesses are failing. As individuals, Ed and Andrew have already developed an extensive portfolio. GlasHaus Design Ltd is their chance to really showcase their abilities to the domestic market. “As the business is still in its infant stages, there will be lots more to learn and develop from with future projects. We will never rest on our laurels!” Company Name: GlasHaus Design Ltd Website: Contact: Jenny Rhodes, Assistant to the Directors Best Emerging Garden Room Design Specialists 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 GlasHaus Design Ltd