Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

14 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Oct22456 Best Wall & Ceiling Access Panels Manufacturer 2022 If you want a job done properly, it’s best to find a specialist. When it comes to products revolving around access, there truly is no finer than Rapid Access Ltd. This team are the vendor of choice for so many, with their unrivalled service offering incredible potential. In SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards 2022, the team were recognised for their sterling efforts so we took a closer look to find out more. When looking at the marketplace for access panels, Rapid Access stands out from the competition primarily because of the incredible quality of what they produce. Whilst many in the industry are content to sit back and relax with what has gone before, this team have committed to revolutionising how access panelling works. With two manufacturing facilities based in England, it’s clear the overriding ambition of the three founders has brought about exceptional success. The team is a renowned specialist within the construction industry, manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of standard and bespoke Access Panels, Riser Doors, Loft Hatches, Fire rated Over Boxes, Electrical Boxes and many other Access products. If access is needed to mechanical and electrical services in a building, this is certainly the team to ask. The beautiful range of products comes in a host of different designs to suit any and every need. All access panels come in metal, plastic, tile or circular face, with the option of beaded or picture frame to suit each individual project. Over the years, distributors, contractors, architects and National merchants have trusted Rapid Access to bring their visions to life. Because access panels play such an important role in building construction, the team offer a special large quote support for every quote that is over £5,000. This support comes in the form of a bespoke information pack containing the quote summary, datasheets, test certification, product/service benefits and features and fitting instructions. Customers are also provided with a detailed product brochure including price and product information and guidance. This level of detail is critical to the high standard of service offered by the team on all of their projects. With not only a knowledgeable sales team, but an experienced technical crew on hand, any queries can be answered swiftly and any problems solved with ease. When customers turn to Rapid Access, they turn to people who know what they are talking about. Because they only offer access panels, they have built their business around knowing everything about them. Having customers based in the North East has opened up many doors for the Rapid Access team, and they have been proud to reach out to such an astonishing range of customers. The private housing sector makes up a large part of the work the team undertake, with access panels providing entry water, electricity, gas and telecommunication compartments. The team also produce an extensive range of loft hatches, which are often both insulated and fire rate for extra safety. These hatches are designed specifically so that the minimum amount of heat and air leaks out. Keeping up with demand from every sector the team is involved in has meant needing to maintain a broad brand that stands out from other panel suppliers. The innovation present in everything that the Rapid Access team do has allowed them to react quickly to the region’s ever evolving needs. One of the clearest examples of this is the increase in demand for the team’s Fire Rated Riser Doors in the commercial construction sector. The need for these products has inspired the team to explore new invisible ironmongery which will create a clean and sophisticated look on high end projects. The team’s innovative streak does not end with individual products, however. Over the years, Rapid Access has been proud to offer two unique products that have proven invaluable to many. These are the Rapidfit® hinge system for Riser Doors and unbeatable Flipfix panel for wall and ceiling use. Launched in 2015, the FlipFix range offers a unique Fitting Device, Mitreless Frame and new Flush Lock system with packaging that doubles as a pop-out template. The device secures the access panel flush against the wall providing a clean overall finish. Similarly, the RapidFit® hinge system has transformed the way in which so many use the riser door. Indeed, it has reduced door fitting times by 95% in some circumstances. The system has been designed around a springloaded pin hinge, which offers a much more effective approach than the traditional piano hinge. Once the frame is fitted, the door can be added with ease. It’s this constant development that has driven the Rapid Access team to such enviable levels of success. Maintaining these standards is no easy task, but the team always make the effort to ensure that their customers not only receive products that are the best in the business, but service that is second to none. The team have recently been accredited on the NBS Construction Platforms, with their products now a standard feature for architects to add to their specifications. This platform has been invaluable in reaching out to architects as it helps the team to reach more specifiers, generate more leads, and win more orders. Rapid Access also has accreditations in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and UKAS Management Systems. All of these go a long way to showcasing precisely what the customer will be getting. Looking ahead, it’s clear that there is a bright future for the Rapid Access team. Their efforts have put them in a great position in terms of expansion. Now a reliable brand, recognised throughout the North East, steps have been taken to leverage this growth into even greater reach. They are well positioned to take the brand even further. The team for the team has always been an international audience, and the current rate of expansion puts them in good stead for this. Internally, Rapid Access has recently updated its marketing suite, giving it a modern and sleek design. This is not just a business where staff turn up and work, but one where they enjoy doing so in surroundings that offer them the support they need to thrive. This success has inspired the renovation of the main office space too. It’s clear that happy employees make for a happier business overall.