Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

16 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Nov22029 Best Nationwide Collagen Beauty Supplements Provider 2022 & Business Growth Excellence Award 2022 The beauty and wellness industry is a goliath on the business landscape, with a plethora of approaches that has created a rich tapestry of options for every market. One of the businesses that has swiftly made a reputation that belies its age is Reverse Life. On the back of its recognition in this programme, we spoke with Reverse Life’s Group Operations & Creative Director, Claire Niebel, to find out more. Wellness has been a – perhaps, unsurprisingly – resilient sector over the last couple of years. After all, all of us collectively shifted some of our priorities, realising that some things we once considered important were no longer so. Self-care and self-reflection became a priority as life slowed down to almost a full stop. For many, our health – maybe once a soft background buzz we pushed away – became a crucial element of our lives, loud and impossible to be ignored. It’s this sort of situation that established Reverse Life, with Co-Owner and Founder Mark Shephard researching products that could help his mother’s osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis during the pandemic. The rest reads like a business owner’s dream, as Claire explains in more detail. “He created a liquid collagen formula after realising that collagen depletion can result in weakened skin and bones and that it may also contribute towards helping keep skin supple and looking more youthful. After initially sharing the product with his mother, word spread, and the business now has almost 100,000 customers.” Now, the businesses’ ethos rings clear and strong, with a commitment to developing and extending its range of wellness products with clinically proven and bioavailable supplements. Moreover, it continuously seeks towards improvement and refinement, with a drive to reshape the industry paradigm towards a pursuit of excellence. “Reverse Life has worked for months with the best scientists to develop what we believe is the UK’s most advanced 10,000 mg collagen formula. We are also the first collagen company in the UK to become a certified NHS Partner in Health. Within the first 24 months of trading Reverse Life has sold over 11 million doses of its high-strength collagen and won numerous prestigious industry awards. “Our formula is packed full of premium Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 10,000mg per 25ml daily shot, along with a powerhouse of other ingredients including; Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Biotin and Zinc all in one tasty daily berry shot. We pride ourselves on premium ingredients at affordable prices. Reverse Life products are the highest rated and reviewed collagen supplements in the UK right now and we truly value all our customers - their feedback is paramount to our success. Further, we have conducted a series of consumer trials with incredible results, highlights include; 93% reporting more hydrates skin, 90% more moisturised skin, 88% reported firmer looking skin. (source, cue consumer trial - independent trial over 120 men and women in 20 days).” Claire adds. Yet, despite its national reach and reputation, the invigorative spirit of the north runs through its veins. Based in Manchester, Reverse Life embraces the city’s innovative and creative energy, as Claire moves on to discuss. “Manchester has always been a city for the risk takers, believers and those with passionate hearts. This year, Manchester was ranked 13th best city in the world to live by Time Out. With community spirit and resilience at the heart of the vote this resonates with our core value as a brand. We have had to overcome many hurdles since launching – but we’ve never given up.” Reverse Life’s origins and location have certainly helped inform its operations and approach to doing business. As it stands today, the team can very much be defined as “a family” – almost entirely literally. “This is very much a family affair, Chris Niebel and his business partner Mark Shephard are the founders of Reverse Life Ltd. I am Chris’s sister and alongside heading up the creative team, I’m also Operations Director of Reverse Life. Along with the Marketing Director Brett Perryman and our PR Director Claire Powell, the team are a massive extension of that family. We have a culture of trust and respect, and we want all employees to be actively involved in the business, with full transparency in terms of the highs and lows, so they can deal with adversity and difficulties with professionalism and creativity. We believe strongly in the idea of investing in people and hiring the right person for the position. “We look for people who are massively passionate about what they do, feel they are the best in their field and can really bring something to the table. Also, we are a little competitive at times and you may find us in the middle of an arcade game of street fighter on a Friday afternoon!” With all this in mind, what is next for Reverse Life? What does the year ahead, or the next five years look like for a company that has changed so much in just two years in operation? It perhaps goes without saying that Reverse Life is looking to capitalise on its growth and good will by introducing new products into a market that just can’t seem to get enough of its offerings. Claire takes a moment to delve into the future of Reverse Life in her closing comments, “We are really excited to announce we have just launched two new products a Marine Collagen Day and Night Cream; a powerful anti-ageing skin formula created by several cosmetologists. Also, we’re releasing an MSM collagen supplement drink, a game changer for joint care, athletes support and recovery, and hair loss. As we expand into the EU and USA in 2023 things are really going in an incredibly positive direction for Reverse Life. We can’t wait to see how our brand develops globally with some incredible backing from large investors in 2023.” Company: REVERSE LIFE LTD Contact: Claire Niebel Address: Unit 14, Edward Court, Broadheath, Altrincham, WA145GL Website: Email: Telephone: 07789497463 REVERSE LIFE LTD