Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

18 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Nov22150 Best Estate Management Services Provider – East Yorkshire In the cutthroat world of the letting agent, standing out from the crowd is hard. But Lucky Move seems to have found the key to success! We speak to Director, Arleta Rybacka, who tells us more about the firm and its remarkable journey as it wins this prestigious accolade in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. The property rental market is a hugely lucrative sector right now and is experiencing a real surge in activity. According to trade body Propertymark, an average of 13 prospective tenants are lining up for every rental property out there. Tenant demand is up 20 percent year on year, but the available rental properties are down 9 percent, according to data from online property giant, Rightmove. Innercity studio flats are seeing the highest surge in interest across the UK. The north is experiencing a huge uptick in rental properties currently and, after the capital city of London, it is the north east which has seen the largest monthly increase in its market prices. It’s no wonder that lettings agents are ridiculously busy right now. Lettings and estate management agency, Lucky Move, was established in 2020 with initially only 11 properties to manage. Two years later, the company has grown vastly as a business and is now responsible for more than 200 properties and has more than 500 tenants to its name. Based in Kingston upon Hull, and operating throughout most of Grimsby and Peterborough, Lucky Move provides various lettings services for its clients, acting for both the landlords and the tenants, from viewing and signing agreements, to maintenance jobs, and also providing references for its tenants too. “We support our clients at every step of the letting journey,” states Arleta Rybacka, the company’s Director. “Our overall mission as a business is to provide the best service possible, for both the tenants and the landlords, which often can be quite a task, as the intentions of the two are sometimes very different.” As a culturally diverse company that purely judges potential employees by their merits, rather than their gender, race or religion, Lucky Move believes in giving everyone a chance, as long as they are hardworking, ambitious, have the right work ethic and attitude, and are determined to learn and undertake appropriate training. “We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to prove themselves to us, that they are the right people in the right place. We also believe in friendship and teamwork within our company.” The Lucky Move team mirrors this internal approach in its outward attitude to its clients, and aims to treat everyone with respect and dignity, with the firm’s core belief being to treat others the same way they would like to be treated. It is this refreshing and customer-centric ethos that sets the agency firmly aside from competitors and differentiates it in what is known to be a fierce industry. “We are aware that every person is different and has different needs, and our individualistic attitude reflects this,” states Arleta. “We treat everybody equally and with respect as inclusivity is a core value of our business. We would rather keep our unique selling point a secret, to keep our competition on their toes.” As a business, Lucky Move’s main goal is to grow and therefore provide its services to more people, thus creating more jobs in the area to support the local community, and subsequently strengthen the economy. “Although we have not been in the industry for long,” Arleta continues. “We have shown determination and commitment to succeed, which is apparent in our growth in the past two years.” Arleta and the team have seen a massive difference in conducting their day-to-day duties during, and in the aftermath of, the Covid-19 pandemic and she explains that the technology used during this period was the key to business carrying on as normal. This includes 360 degree photos and virtual viewings, online applications for potential customers, and even video calls with the landlords and service providers. Although this isn’t exactly a ‘trend’ within the industry, more a result of an unavoidable event, it has brought beneficial adaptations to the industry which were necessary to keep it afloat at the time. Recently, as a reward for its tenacity, commitment, and hard work, Lucky Move gained recognition in the SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards and was crowned with the prestigious accolade of Best Estate Management Services Provider in East Yorkshire. Understandably delighted, Arleta is quick to sing the praises of her dedicated team of staff. “I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my team for making this happen,” she enthuses. “This wouldn’t have been achieved without them, and I am very proud of our work for the past two years.” Now, looking to the future, Arleta’s and Lucky Move’s future is looking very bright indeed. “It’s been confirmed that we are going to be responsible for more properties from the beginning of next year,” she says excitedly. “We want to keep up with the outstanding service that we have been providing so far – it clearly works! We are currently focusing on the renovations of the properties we are responsible for, to make sure that they are of the highest standard for our new tenants to move in.” Contact: Arleta Rybacka Company: Lucky Move