Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

36 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Nov22233 Lancashire Roofing and Building Ltd (Lancashire Roofing) is a fully certified roofing company offering fully guaranteed quality services to both domestic and commercial clients. With a strong reputation for excellent customer service, the firm was recently rewarded in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 for all its hard work. We speak to Director George Clarkson to find out more. When it comes to home improvements, many of us think of extending our properties, or adding a home office, conservatory, room above the garage, or loft conversion… Or we consider the interior décor aspects, such as new flooring, decorating, or perhaps even investing in new windows. Very few of us will consider one of the most important aspects of our homes… the roof! Not only is the roof to your house one of the first things that a prospective buyer will see, with it potentially kerbing appeal should the owner wish to sell in the future, but it also improves the safety and structural integrity of a building. Yet interestingly, the installation of a new roof is not usually among the top most talked about ideas for a home renovation or revamp. A new roof could provide a return on investment of more than 60% whereas improvements to the loft, kitchen, or bathroom registered a return on investment of 50%, 49%, and 48% respectively (based on a survey carried out by “To most, a roof is just a roof, yet your roof is arguably the most important part of your house!” enthuses George of Lancashire Roofing and Building. “Your roof is the guardian angel of your home, protecting everything beneath it, therefore it deserves special treatment and attention. This will help to ensure it contains its superior status, able to carry out its shielding duties for as long as possible.” And it’s a trend within the industry that roofing firms are seeing time and time again. Whilst homeowners seem all too happy to spend thousands on interiors, they seem to forget just how vital the roof on their property is. However, due to the recent boom in the housing market, Lancashire Roofing is seeing an increase in phone calls relating to roof work for the potential buying and selling of properties. As a family-run business, Lancashire Roofing has a reputation for high-quality work and unrivalled personal service, and it strives to ensure that its prices are competitive. Offering all aspects of roofing and building services, the company primarily deals with residential properties but can also undertake commercial projects. “We don’t believe in hidden costs or call out charges, and we even provide free written quotations,” George continues. “This way, our customers can be certain of our costs before choosing to work with us.” The firm’s main goal is to be recognised as the leading roofing and building company in Lancashire and it prides itself on being a trusted, recommended service, as highlighted in the glowing customer reviews it regularly receives. This is just one of its unique selling points which help firmly set it aside and distinguish it from competitors. “When pursuing the most trustworthy company for your roofing needs it is always advisable to check their reputation first and establish how they are viewed through the eyes of their customers,” George elaborates. “Our dedication in providing quality service has paid off. Not only do our customers appreciate our high standards and our mission to go the extra mile, but industry has rewarded us, too, as we hold the Confederation of Roofing Contractors accreditation, demonstrating that we work to high standards, which we recognise and are very proud of. As a result, Lancashire Roofing and Building are viewed as highly reputable and trustworthy.” Another main value, and one of the many reasons that Lancashire Roofing and Building has such a stellar reputation for quality workmanship is that is has an exceptionally high level of teamwork, with all staff members pulling together for the common cause – this being the complete satisfaction of each and every client. “There is no ‘I’ in team – a cliché but true!” laughs George. “And when you are working in a potentially dangerous environment, it’s important each member of the team acts together as a strong unit. We are proud to be a fantastic company to work for, providing our team with stability, competitive salaries, and company benefits ensuring job satisfaction.” The internal culture at Lancashire Roofing revolves around everyone being of equal importance, no matter as to their level of seniority within the company. Only the most skilled craftsmen are employed, to ensure that the high standards for which the firm has become renowned are upheld, and the team are all highly trained and qualified, too. “Not only does this allow us to provide the best possible service to all our customers, but we also adhere to strict health and safety guidelines throughout. When recruiting we look for good, approachable, honest, hardworking people who have a passion and dedication to the job.” Lancashire Roofing and Building also believes in investing in its staff and offers employment through apprenticeship opportunities, where its trainees work under manager supervision on-site with experienced roofers. Alongside this fundamental work experience, their attendance at college enables apprentices to work towards gaining formal qualifications which assess both their gained knowledge and practical skills. Upon completion of these formal qualifications, the roofers maintain their skills with regular updates and professional development. Recently, as recognition for its dedication and hard work, Lancashire Roofing was crowned with the prestigious title of Best Family-Run Roofing & Building Company in Lancashire in the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. Now, as it looks to the future, it appears that expansion is high on its list of priorities! “Whilst the company is growing, our aim is not to become the biggest company,” states George. “We want to be the best in Lancashire. Therefore, we only employ the best!” Here are just a few words of praise for Lancashire Roofing from its happy customer base. Best Family-Run Roofing & Building Company - Lancashire