Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

46 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Founded in 2009, SJT Building & Joinery Ltd. is a commercial construction company located in Sheffield. The company primarily focuses on the education sector, in which it offers full construction services, including project management, fire protection and inspections, refurbishment, lifecycle of PFI schools, and more. SJT Building & Joinery’s portfolio is filled with a number of projects, with works spanning across the healthcare, education, retail and leisure, and public and private sectors, earning it a reputation for excellence and quality. Moreover, such projects are completed with SJT Building & Joinery’s core values in mind. It employs only the best craftsmen and makes use of high-quality materials, and the company is therefore committed to providing an exceptional service throughout a project – no matter the location. Each member of the team has undergone an enhanced DBS check which means that they are safe to work in both school and healthcare environments; this shows just how far SJT Building & Joinery is willing to go to guarantee perfection. On top of this, the company promises to supply high value services complete with outstanding aftercare. It is thanks to such standards that SJT Building & Joinery has cultivated a loyal clientele across the nation, with many of its projects coming from repeat clients. SJT Building & Joinery views its clients as a fundamental element of the business – in essence, they are what keep the company alive. Henceforth, SJT Building & Joinery strives to provide its clients with the best possible service throughout the project and beyond, resulting in strong and life-long customer relationships, and by taking this approach, SJT Building & Joinery has established itself as a trustworthy service provider. Maintaining a sense of trust amongst its clientele is especially important in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, as now more than ever before, contractors are facing scrutiny under the watchful eyes of both the media and public. SJT Building & Joinery notes a rise in work surrounding fire doors and fire safety – two areas that have become of great importance since the fatal fire. Safety is of course paramount, and it is SJT Building & Joinery’s mission to instil safety into each of its projects, as it firmly understands that security is not only a need but a right that people have. Indeed, this is an understanding that is shared across the team, which is comprised of subcontractors that SJT Building & Joinery utilises on a regular basis. Many of these individuals and subcontractors have worked with the company over a long and consistent period Oct22426 Best Specialist Building & Joinery Contractors - Sheffield of time, thereby allowing SJT Building & Joinery to give its customers a familiar and reliable service. As such, this ties into the company’s goal to provide a service that is entirely client-centric, with the customer’s needs and requirements always being at the forefront of the company’s work. Growth is therefore SJT Building & Joinery’s plan for the future. It hopes to leverage its past success to build an even greater platform upon which it will be able to develop its services and meet a more diverse clientele. Consequently, the future looks to be one of abundant recognition and success for the business. Contact: Shane Thorpe Company: SJT Building & Joinery Ltd Web Address: Working with clients in both the public and private sectors, SJT Building & Joinery Ltd is a premium construction company that has become known for its ability to produce incredible results. Since its genesis over a decade ago, the company has worked on projects across the country, and going forward it hopes to continue along this path.