Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

6 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Oct22167 Best DFY Ecom Agency 2022 - North West Based in Manchester, BeUniqueness® is a leading, multi-award-winning digital marketing agency for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Full time Mums, 9-5 Jobs, Retirees and SMEs. This isn’t just any old agency; it is the first and only one in the UK & USA to offer completely DFY (Done For You) business models. Join us as we learn more about this outstanding agency and how it goes above and beyond to help its clients succeed. Mohamed Elhawary leads BeUniqueness® as its Director, with extensive previous experience in the digital marketing sector including completing marketing, branding, sales, and market research projects for the likes of ZARA, Walls Cornetto, LEGO, and many other multinational firms. He founded BeUniqueness with the intention of challenging the norms of the digital marketing sector. Now, Mo is joined by a team of dedicated and experienced marketing professionals who, between them, possess 8+ years of experience in social media marketing, Ecommerce, whitelabelling, media buying, designing creatives and digital marketing. This gives BeUniqueness® an extraordinary edge and power to transform the fortunes of clients, and enable them to rest assured that all their marketing needs are in the right hands. BeUniqueness® provides a variety of groundbreaking programs that help those SMEs who are struggling to adjust to the changed marketing landscape of the digital age. These cover media buying, Email & SMS marketing, Salesboosting funnels, Sales Copy, Creatives design, video marketing, digital PR, and e-commerce influencers. The company’s team of star players have helped more than 1,500 different brands across 20+ countries (including the UK, US, CA, NZ, AU, EU, and MENA regions) grow their business through paid and organic media, generating more than $100M in sales and managing more than $10M in ad spend. Then, it has designed its DFY programmes exclusively for Investors, Entrepreneurs, Full time Mums, 9-5 Jobs & Retirees to do everything for them on their behalf so they don’t even have to lift a finger – and results are guaranteed. These come in the form of the 7-figure DFY e-Commerce in a Box System; the DFY eCOM Scaling Executive Package; the 6-figure DFY Agency 90-Day System; and the DFY High Ticket Fitness Marketing Programme. The 7-Figure DFY e-Commerce in a Box System is designed for passive income opportunity seeks who are looking for a DFY opportunity within the eCOM industry and struggling to set up their e-commerce store and are wanting to cut the trial and error process and get their store and everything done by experts. BeUniqueness® literally does everything for them. The 6-figure DFY Agency 90-Day System is for digital marketing agency owners and pre-agency owners who want to skip all the trial and error while BeUniqueness® launches and scales their marketing agency on autopilot, from building the agency to closing deals ad after deal support. The DFY eCOM Scaling Executive Package Programme is for existing Ecom business owners who are looking for everything that can help them scale their eCommerce venture under one roof on a DFY basis. From social media to emails to ads and more, this Executive Package includes the works for those seeking to deploy every single asset in the modern digital marketing arsenal. Then, the DFY High Ticket Fitness Marketing Programme is aimed at online coaches and personal trainers who are wanting to focus on keeping their clients happy and healthy while BeUniqueness takes care of every single thing in order to bring more of the highest paying, conversion-ready appointments. Clients highly rate the company’s services and DFY programmes, as shown through its fivestar rating on Google. One client shares, “DFY e-Commerce has been nothing but great. I never thought it would be this easy! I was struggling at first, trying to build my own store, find winning drop-shipping products, run my own ads and make sales on Facebook, but it didn’t work as I thought. Then I saw DFY e-Commerce ads and it was a game-changer for me. I spoke with Mo who told me about the “create everything on your behalf” concept – That is when things really took off for me (not only did revenue come in faster than expected!). “What made me confident is they are a digital marketing agency who serve many e-commerce businesses, build many stores, run multiple e-marketing campaigns, and have their own store as well! So, if they could do it for others, they should be able to do it for me, which they did. With a store that is making 4-6XROAS, all we need is to focus on hitting our Q4 target. Can’t wait.” Another client comments, “The DFY e-Commerce system was the missing piece of the puzzle for my e-commerce store. I was able to quickly build my store with their help, and then continue to test and improve it with their ongoing email support. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to start or improve their own e-commerce store.” A third client says, “I’ve been operating my e-commerce company for almost 14 months, but it wasn’t until I started working with these people that I began to see a profit! I didn’t have a choice at the time because I had already been burned by other freelancers and agencies, but the promise looked too good to be true. In the fourth month of working with BeUniqueness, I reached $10,000 in sales. They are very fantastic, especially if you’re just getting started.” Company: BeUniqueness Contact: Mohamed Elhawary Email: Website: