Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 67 Nov22263 Most Dedicated In-Home Support Service Provider - South Yorkshire Finding quality care is notoriously difficult and yet equally, crucially important. In such an industry as the care industry, peace of mind cannot be underestimated, and the best organisations soon distinguish themselves above the crowd. On the back of Vybrant Care Services recognition in the programme, we spoke to CEO & Managing Director Jean Sigauke to find out more about its best-in-class services and approach. Finding success in the care industry requires an ability to balance several important qualities. Empathy goes without saying - an ability to simply care remains a crucial foundation that must remain robust and steadfast. Partnering this quality with an endless pursuit towards perfection and a goal to always exceed expectations makes for a challenging crucible for business owners and managers of all experience levels. By all regards then, Jean Sigauke has achieved a rare thing indeed with Vybrant Care Services. Empathy clearly runs through the entire organisation, defining its values, mission and culture, as Jean explains in more detail. “Vybrant Care Services is a home care provider that you can trust. We support elderly; older and young adults; individuals living with chronic illnesses and disabilities to live a more independent lifestyle in their home. “Empathy is a big part of our team and all our staff have the ability to empathise with our client, their worried family, and communicate honestly and appropriately. Our staff are committed and passionate about the service we give, therefore, they always put our client needs first.” There can be no denying the effectiveness of this approach in the 2 years since Vybrant’s establishment, yielding a plethora of positive reviews and good will in the community in which it operates. Of course, it also goes without saying that the care industry thrives on clientcentricity, as Jean continues. “Our key objective is to provide a person-centred service that is of the highest quality, ensuring that our client’s needs and values are respected. We always ensure that their independence, privacy and dignity is maintained at the highest degree of quality.” This strong ethical core has marked it as one of the best providers of care in the north, and forged a path towards future expansion, with new branches planned across South Yorkshire. As briefly aforementioned, Vybrant works with elderly, older and young adults, and it is in the latter area that the company is looking to further develop in the years to come. “In addition to applying for the tenders to be part of the council’s framework. We have also started supported living. Our supported housing houses young adults from age 17 years to 25 years who need a certain level of support to help them make the transition to independent living. We have well organised transitioning protocols and programmes that have measurable benefits for the young adults we support,” Jean concludes in her closing comments. After receiving Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) rating of ‘Good’, the immediate future for Vybrant Care Services seems defined by a move towards solidifying its already considerable reputation in Yorkshire’s care sphere. CQC informs us that Vybrant’s services were satisfactory and supportive. Being rated by CQC is a necessary element of being a care agency, but Vybrant values more than simply doing what it should – it goes above and beyond for its clients. With a distinguished dedication to empathy-driven care, Vybrant was an obvious winner for the title of Most Dedicated In-Home Support Service Provider in South Yorkshire. Vybrant Care Services Contact Name: Jean Sigauke, CEO & Managing Director Address: Knowle House, 4 Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield, S2 3QE Web Address: Contact Email: Telephone: 01145511332 “ Our Values are a commitment to Quality, Compassion, Integrity, Choice and Equality. ”