Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 73 Nov22012 Global PPC Management Agency of the Year 2022 Based in Carnforth, and with a satellite office in New York, Web Placements Ltd (Web Placements) is a five-star Google Certified digital marketing agency which offers products and services that improve and optimise Google Ad campaigns. As the firm celebrates its success within the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022, we find out more from one of its Co-Founders, David Thomas. Founded by David Thomas and Ross Hampson, Web Placements Ltd was created with one simple vision – to consistently outperform current online digital marketing strategies. For many years previously, the two owners had worked in the PPC and digital marketing space and could see a pattern of issues and challenges faced by other companies, such as rising marketing costs, Google algorithm updates and increasing costs, the fluctuation of PPC positioning, PPC being monopolised by bigger businesses, and poor SEO affecting other marketing aspects. David and Ross understood the need for an integrated approach to digital marketing, with all facets working side-by-side to drive sales and branding to new heights. With all this in mind, the dynamic duo took to creating their own in-house scripts and software enabling PPC campaigns to be optimised better than ever before and Web Placements was born! The introduction of its Google Guaranteed management services and elite SEO services has seen the business take clients to a new level of marketing. “We are a highly accredited Google agency and one of our USP’s is having ex-Google direct employees working for our company, who understand Google Ads and PPC marketing at the highest levels,” enthuses David. “Another USP is being able to offer everything from the sale of the domain name to the building of the website right the way to the marketing of the Google ads, Bing ads, and the SEO on the website. It is the benefit of being able to offer a full end-to-end service which clients massively prefer as everything is in one place.” A further selling point, and one that really distinguishes Web Placements from competitors in the market, is that it offers guarantees with its products. For example, ranking in a number one position in Google Ads for chosen keywords, the company guarantees an ‘Absolute Top’ percentage share of 90% or higher from month to month, which sees the firm’s clients hugely outrank their competition. In the last year, Web Placements has noticed a shift in people’s spending habits with many vastly increasing their online marketing budgets. This is due to business owners seeing more and more people turning online for their services and products and are increasing their budgets and, in turn, benefiting from an increase in ROI. “Clients that were spending IRO £5k per month have almost doubled and our clients spending £200k per month are now spending over £350k+ per month!” David explains. “We embrace this and our team is proud to deliver such high results for our client base.” The internal culture at Web Placements focuses on having drive and passion and when recruiting potential new team members. David and Ross look for young, ambitious people who are keen to build a career. “We are proud that our highly experienced team goes the extra mile to ensure all their individual clients are happy. We’re also proud to be based in the north - our offices are situated on 80 acres of wildlife and lakes. This benefits our staff and offers them a perfect work and relax balance, and our clients enjoy visiting and discussing their campaigns on our balcony.” The unique and innovative approach adopted by Web Placements has seen the company win awards for its successful results and receive many testimonials and glowing reviews from its clients. Most recently, the firm gained recognition in the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards and crowned with the prestigious title of Global PPC Management Agency of the Year 2022. “We are very proud!” David exclaims, and he continues to let us in on their plans for the future. “We have a few things that we are working on in the background, unfortunately we cannot mention too much as they are ground-breaking, and we always like to lead the way in our industry! But we definitely have exciting products for our clients heading into 2023!” Contact: David Thomas and Ross Hampson Company: Web Placements Ltd Web Address: