Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

83 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 experience in the chemical and metalworking fluid supply business. “Understanding our customer’s requirements is key to offering the right solution,” enthuses Director Mark Wilds. “We take a methodical approach when deciding the product selection, which gives our customers the confidence they require. This can include laboratory analysis, internal trials, our wide knowledge of the industry and our network of business partners.” The company ethos is focused on sustainability and its collective responsibility for protecting the environment. Mark explains further that the ability to extend the life of metal working fluids is a big challenge that the sector faces. Process Treatments Ltd specialises in supplying metalworking fluids, press lubricants, and aqueous cleaners to the manufacturing and re-manufacturing industries. We find out more from Company Director, Mark Wilds following the firm’s recognition in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. Established in 2001, Process Treatments Ltd is located in the north west, with its head office being based in Lancashire with its laboratories and manufacturing facilities in Bolton. The firm’s product portfolio covers the requirements of fluids for industry, including metal working fluids, detergent hot wash cleaners, fluid management, aqueous wash fluids, aqueous wash systems, coolant management, and coolant management systems, with its clients being predominantly based in the automotive; aviation; oil, gas, and nuclear; and rail and marine industries. With a strong customer-centric focus, the company’s combined sales and technical support team have in excess of 130 years’ worth of Best Nationwide Metal Working Fluids Manufacturer 2022 Nov22031 “We feel the industry is going through a phase of adjusting to the challenges that face today’s economy, but also acknowledging the importance of reducing carbon footprints, not only within their own organisation but also suppliers’ delivery routes,” he states. “This means UK manufacturers supplying the country would have a lower carbon footprint than companies that import goods.” Process Treatments is well positioned to meet these challenges and has launched a range of recyclable metal working fluids that can be recycled through its patent granted fluid decontamination unit. Proud to be a family-run British company, Process Treatments sees enormous benefits to its location in the north west, including easy access to the main transport systems such as motorway networks and train lines. This enables it to provide its services nationwide – plus it is situated within the hub of the industrial heartlands. “We take pride in the fact that our products are developed and manufactured in the UK,” Mark continues. “This allows us to offer high quality products at competitive prices, but also ensures we can stay abreast of the latest raw materials which contributes to product innovation and quality.” Now looking to grow its position in the market, the firm recently gained recognition in this year’s SME News Northern Enterprise Awards and crowned with the prestigious title of Best Nationwide Metal Working Fluids Manufacturer 2022, and it seems to be on the right tracks having also been awarded a granted patent for decontaminating metalworking fluids – the first in the UK to achieve this. “We are a growing company with a flair to provide technology solutions to meet industries needs.” Contact: Mark Wilds Company: Process Treatments Ltd Web Address: