Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

95 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 At the clinic, Dr Nicole’s passion also extends to her patient care and satisfaction, which is of the utmost importance, and she has worked hard over the years to ensure that the internal culture is to provide the best possible care for her patients throughout their journey. When recruiting new staff, Dr Nicole will specifically look for attributes that fit the culture of the team and she likes her employees to have the passion to go above and beyond in order to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment experience each and every time. There is a growing trend in the beauty industry for natural-looking aesthetic treatments with little or no downtime. Patients want to look refreshed and rejuvenated with subtle results without looking like they’ve had something ‘done’. This requires the selection of the most advanced aesthetic treatments and latest technologies combined, and Dr Nicole is privileged to have had the training and experience to provide these results for her loyal patients. It is due to her expertise in her specialist area, as well as her customer-centric approach that Dr Nicole has seen such success within the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards, in which she was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Dermatologist of the Year 2022. Understandably proud of this incredible accomplishment, Dr Nicole now has big plans for the future. With the clinic and team continuing to grow in a sustainable manner, Dr Nicole is looking to continue to grow her treatment range, too, in order to provide a more comprehensive service to patients. “We are adding wellness, weight and lifestyle treatments to make our clinic a truly holistic service.” Contact: Dr Nicole Chiang Company: Dr Nicole Dermatology Web Address: With clinics operating in Manchester, Wilmslow and Cheshire, Dr Nicole Chiang is an expert in the field of dermatology, aesthetics and hair loss. We find out more about her passion for the subject following her being recognised in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. Dr Nicole Dermatology, based in Manchester, provides a comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology service, with a special interest in the treatment of hair loss and medical hair disorders. Run by Dr Nicole Chiang, her ethos is to provide a holistic service for her patients’ medical skin conditions, as well as their aesthetic and hair concerns. She says, “I am able to combine my expertise in both dermatology and aesthetic treatments to provide comprehensive care for all patient concerns. “For example, I have many acne patients who I’ve treated using medical treatments to achieve clear skin. These patients commonly have other aesthetic issues including redness, scarring, and pigmentation changes which I am able to treat with the latest aesthetic treatments that I have available at my clinic.” Dr Nicole is a UK-trained Consultant Dermatologist on the GMC Specialist Register. She is trained in both paediatric and adult dermatology, and was previously a Consultant Dermatologist at the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, running the specialist Hair Clinics at the Dermatology Centre at Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She also previously served as the Trust Specialty Training Lead for Dermatology at South Manchester. In fact, due to her extensive training and expertise, Dr Nicole’s specialist opinion is becoming more and more sought after, having gained increased media attention in recent years. “I am passionate about raising awareness of different health conditions,” she enthuses. “I have previously been asked to comment in various newspaper articles on skin and aesthetic concerns. I appeared in a recent Channel 5 documentary entitled “Women’s Health: Breaking the Taboos” and I am also currently filming for a Channel 4 documentary.” Dermatologist of the Year 2022: Dr Nicole Chiang Nov22174