Q1 2020

6 | Q1 2020 NOV19324 A Dog’s Dinner Finding the right food for our furry friends is more complex than most give credit for. With so many options available, it’s easy to lose track. Something that’s clear, however, is that Nutriment stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is why it has been recognised as Most Outstanding Dog and Cat Food Retailer, 2020 by SME News. Join us as we take a closer look at this award-winning firm. Founded in 2013 by pet lovers, for pet lovers, Nutriment quickly made a name for itself as a premier provider of fine food for cats and dogs. Zeroing in on the raw food market, the passionate team have drawn on long-term relationships with leading dog breeders and trainers to fine-tune the creation of nutritious, well-balanced food that not only contains everything that an animal could wish for but is thoroughly delectable to boot. Nutriment’s market is one that has grown rapidly and continues to expand. Currently, the company ships to 600 retail outlets, as well as directly to customers. The success is made apparent by an impressive retention of customers. Those who feed their pets its products for one week become committed not only to raw feeding, but to the brand as a whole. The impressive growth of the business has seen the company recently moving into a £1million purpose-built factory, as well as investing in further warehousing and frozen storage. These decisions have been in response to the overwhelming demand for new products and a continued push into export as the goal for 2020. While the raw food industry is frequently under pressure from government legislation to ensure strict management of bacterial content, Nutriment has always been one step ahead of this, to the point of having access to its own laboratory to monitor the quality and freshness of a product. Recently, there has been a surge in companies registering for licenses in the raw food sector, which the Nutriment team put down to their own success in the field. While some would consider this a challenge, they see more companies creating balanced products with good ingredients as something that can only benefit the market, opening it up from its current position as for the discerning customer. Success in this field is not just a result of business acumen, though this certainly helps, but an intimate knowledge of the market, driven by love. Currently, the firm is considered a leader and innovator in its sector and is set to capitalise on that momentum in order to secure its position. Contact Details Company: Nutriment Email: Management@nutriment.co Web Address: www.nutriment.co.uk