Q1 2020

7 | Q1 2020 Nov19318 There For You Every Step Of The Way For small and medium businesses, having the backing of a trusted and expert accounting firm can help free up talent to focus on unique selling points. Helping businesses in rural Dorset and beyond with accounting support, discover why DH Accounting achieved award-winning success as Dorset’s Best Accounting & Tax Advisory Practice, as well as the Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence. When it comes to sorting out finances, it can be tricky. Finding all the paperwork and organising it can often be a time-consuming task; one that draws small businesses away from their main focus. Financial reporting can be a stressful affair, but it need not be any longer. A fairly young accountancy practice in rural Dorset, DH Accounting was founded in 2014 and has since become one of the finest in the entire county. Acting mainly for local small businesses, as well as some larger and international clients, the team help clients with most areas of accounting, including bookkeeping, VAT, self-assessment, accounts, and payroll. Everything that the team at DH Accounting do is aimed at helping businesses succeed through a variety of outstanding services that have seen the firm awarded the Distinction Award for Client Service Excellence. Just one of the ways the firm have earned this award is by offering free support whenever clients require it. Rather than charge for a bit of advice, clients can phone, email, or visit the team without the worry that a bill is going to appear before them. Realising that current clients come first, the firm has also turned away many potential clients to ensure that the level of service does not drop. Despite having to turn away numerous potential clients, DH Accounting has still maintained year-on-year growth by providing a high level of excellent service through a strong, close-knit team of staff. Rather than radically change the firm through large-scale changes, managing director Daniel House encourages a careful application of the Japanese concept Kaizen, or continuous improvement, to ensure efficiency and quality improve at a steady rate for a longer period. In delivering that undeniably excellent service to clients, the team make sure that they are always approachable throughout the year. Questions can often arise at the least helpful time, but getting timely answers is equally important. That is why DH Accounting takes great pride in serving clients throughout the year, and at a time that suits them best. For start-ups in particular, it can be hugely beneficial to have a firm like DH Accounting on hand to help find the right footing and grow the business in the right ways. There is no denying that macroeconomic factors such as elections and Brexit have continued to contribute strongly to a degree of uncertainty permeating the economic environment at present. Despite these uncontrollable factors, the control of how to handle taxes and finances can still remain in the hands of clients. Partnering with DH Accounting is the perfect way to make sure that businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to operate with all their available financial resources. As technology continues to develop, so too does finance and the way that the two go hand-in-hand. Accounting must change with technology to continue offering services that are aligned with new legislation and regulations. The industry continues to become more technological as the push for real-time reporting with Making Tax Digital. Small businesses’ reliance on the latest technology has become even greater, much like the role of DH Accounting. Vital to the continued success of its clients, the firm is involved in making sure clients have the right systems in place at an early stage to help facilitate growth whilst future-proofing a business. However, the discernment of both Daniel and DH Accounting comes fully into view when realising that technology should not be used for technology’s sake. Taking a balanced, clientcentric, and forward-thinking approach to the adoption of cloud technology, for example, the firm was restrained in recommending a specific package to all clients. Rather, Daniel chose to be patient in waiting to hear from some early adopters of multiple different cloud solutions. That way, DH Accounting was able to pick the system that clients found to be the most useful and user-friendly. This manner of sage leadership and industry insight has seen DH Accounting justly deserve the awards it has achieved. In only its fifth year of service, the firm continues to help good, small, well-run businesses of all kinds with all manner of accounting needs. Whether it be VAT registration, keeping accurate records, or developing good practices, clients of DH Accounting can rest easy in expert hands. Contact Details Company: Daniel House & Co Ltd t/a DH Accounting Contact: Daniel House Website: www.dhaccounting.co.uk