Q1 2023

Jul22085 Best Speciality Skincare Product 2022 Finding skincare tailored to men of colour that is cruelty free, vegan, halal, and kind to skin can be a huge challenge. However, Manority Skincare can offer all of that and more. Here we take a closer look at its dedicated research, products, and passionate nature as it gains its award-winning status from SME News. Formerly known as CULTURE1, Manority Skincare has now transformed itself into the specialty skincare company we’ve all been waiting for. Tailored to avoid harsh chemicals, promote the use of ethical ingredients, and address any skin concerns that dark-skinned men may be facing, Manority Skincare’s products are changing the way we see beauty brands. As the first and only company that provides skincare products that are specifically designed for men with dark skin, researched at length, and tested on a variety of skin tones, Manority Skincare has opened a gateway to a revolution within the skincare industry. By concentrating on addressing issues for men with the darker skin experience, Manority Skincare pours all of its attention into changing the lives of people who are hugely underrepresented in the industry. Men with darker skin may suffer with hyperpigmentation due to the sensitivity of pigment cells. As there is a higher concentration of pigment cells in their skin, the epidermis may be extremely sensitive to chemicals, temperature, inflammation, and other factors related to our everyday lives. Steering clear of harsh chemicals, Manority Skincare focuses on its use of retinyl palmitate, glycol acid, and sodium hyaluronate, which are all kind to the skin while combatting any skin issues present. Retinyl palmitate aids in uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation while dealing with dead skin cells and smoothing out the epidermis, glycol acid aids inflammation and irritation to keep the surface smooth, and sodium hyaluronate reduces dryness and flaking by increasing skin hydration. All of these ingredients have been combined to elevate our skincare and body confidence on a daily basis – encouraging flawless skin and better self-confidence. We face the digital age every day, where we see carefully filtered and posed photographs that showcase the “perfect” skin textures and conditions, but we don’t see how to truly achieve this for ourselves. Skincare is always going to be an individual journey that we each embark on, but, with Manority Skincare, men of colour won’t have to feel left out any longer. This extraordinary business is breaking societal barriers while protecting our skin’s barrier all at once, which is exactly why it has won Best Speciality Skincare Product 2022. Contact: Curtis Headley Company: Manority Skincare Ltd Web Address: https://www.manorityskincare.co.uk/ “ Men of colour are underrepresented in the world of skincare, but Manority Skincare is devoted to changing that. ”