Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 11 Jan23586 Accountancy Practice of the Year - Cambridgeshire For sole traders and SMEs, having a good accountant is vital. The team at GGM Accountancy offer incredible service to ensure the highest standards of financial care. With the aim of 100% satisfaction, the team have secured incredible success in the UK Finance Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how they have grown over the years, and what this means to the team moving forward. Tax and compliance lie at the heart of what the GGM Accountancy team do. Their workload consists of providing all accountancy, personal tax and corporation tax needs, for individuals, small and medium sized businesses, whether established or start-ups, sole traders, partnerships or limited companies. With such incredibly varied work at the team’s fingertips, what makes them tick? First and foremost, it’s relationships. The GGM Accountancy team are trusted by their clients because they build honest and transparent relationships with all of their clients. They take the time to understand a business and what it needs, helping companies to run their operations without the challenges of excessive paperwork. The aim is always to secure 100% client satisfaction, and more often than not, the team achieve this with ease. Working with GGM Accountancy means working work a team that prides itself on their professional qualifications. The very best in service and advice in every area of personal and business tax can be achieved through working with the team. Since opening their doors, the GGM Accountancy team have prided themselves on an atmosphere of professional development. A clear example of this is the way in which the team have recently joined an apprenticeship scheme to offer junior employees the opportunity to grow within the company and gain the skills for a future in accountancy. 2022 was an enormous year for GGM Accountancy, one which saw the team move to a larger premises which has allowed the team to provide a hub for clients and a communal area for meetings and events. Investment in marketing and branding has also had a major impact on how the team works, exposing clients to more insightful accountancy information to support their businesses. Growth has seen the GGM Accountancy team expanding its sponsorships and charity work to help give back something to local organisations. Local businesses are the very lifeblood that keeps GGM Accountancy afloat, so maintaining these standards is vital. Looking forward, it’s clear that this is a path that the team will be able to follow and maintain for many weeks and months to come. Supporting SMEs and sole traders is no easy business, but someone has to do it. The GGM Accountancy team have thrived through a passion for the sector that is not often seen. It’s little wonder that alongside their success in the UK Finance Awards, the firm’s CEO Gemma Goodale has won Business Woman of the Year 2021 at The Women in Peterborough Awards, and also Small Business Hero in 2022 for outstanding support and commitment to small businesses at The Peterborough Small Business Awards. With these accolades fresh behind the team, we can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: GGM Accountancy Name: Gemma Goodale Email: gemma@ggmaccountancy.co.uk Web: http://www.ggmaccountancy.co.uk/