Q1 2023

12 | Q1 2023 Jan23743 Paint Perfection Since opening their doors, the team at Cladspray Solutions have earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to industrial painting services. Properties up and down the country have been transformed by the tireless efforts of these experts in the field. With success in the Business Elite Awards 2023 where the team was named Best Spray Painting Specialists 2023 – UK, we thought it the right time to take a closer look at the secrets of their success. When Tom Carter opened the doors of Cladspray Solutions, he couldn’t have known what he was letting himself in for. His work has been seen in branches of Tesco, IKEA and McDonalds, to name a few, with his hard-working team refurbishing dilapidated and potentially unsafe buildings and giving them a new lease of life. Cladspray Solutions are renowned for their specialist on-site spray painting services and their ability to transform commercial buildings. Over the years, they have moved from purely cladding spraying to industrial roof coatings, epoxy resin floors, commercial internal decorations and more. Their ability to provide industrial renovations, alongside their other offerings has meant that as the demands of customers continues to grow, so too does the team’s range of work. At the heart of how Cladspray Solutions operates is a deep understanding of what skilled sprayers need, and what they bring to any project. While the team at Cladspray Solutions have a range of skills, it’s this specialist knowledge that truly sets the firm apart. As such, it’s little wonder that they have encouraged future development through the initiation of an in-house training scheme through Train The Painter. Train The Painter is an internationally-accredited coating applicator training and certification programme, created and developed by experts throughout the industry. In just ten years, Cladspray Solutions has grown to become one of the Financial Times’ Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe, an achievement which not only reflects the tenacity of the team but the support of key clients over many years. Customer retention is a priority for the Cladspray team, and their portfolio of projects has been built with long-standing clients like Lotus Cars and Birds Eye at the core. When it comes to respecting and understanding their clients, minimising disruption to businesses, and managing budgets, there are few finer. The team’s growth over the years has demanded careful planning indeed, with a new industrial unit, close to the firm’s existing site under development. This unit is being adapted to suit the precise needs of the firm, acting as the perfect showcase for what the Cladspray Solutions team can offer their clients. As a thriving SME, Cladspray Solutions has had to build many new skills over the years. While skills can be learnt, efficiencies improved, and systems put in place, it’s relationships between staff, suppliers and clients that keep a business going. They have also created a workflow that everyone is familiar with and can scale with their business, meaning that when opportunities arise, they are able to take full advantage of them. Cladspray Solutions is an incredible success story, one which is certain to have an impact on the market at large. Given the team’s impressive track record in the industry, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Cladspray Solutions Name: Tom Carter Email: info@cladspraysolutions.co.uk Web: https://www.cladspraysolutions.co.uk/ “ Over the years, they have moved from purely cladding spraying to industrial roof coatings, epoxy resin floors, commercial internal decorations and more. ”