Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 13 Feb23051 Social strategy is an essential part of any modern business, with clear communications generating loyalty with audiences around the world. With The Change Agency named Best Beverage Social Media Agency 2023 – UK in the prestigious Business Elite Awards 2023, we thought it the right time to explore some of how this incredible team have driven standards ever higher in this competitive industry. The principle that lies at the heart of The Change Agency is the idea that ‘change is the only thing that remains constant’. No business with ambition remains the same over the years, as audiences shift and demand alters. By partnering up with this impressive agency, organisations have discovered a path of long-term success that changes to match their fortunes. With a team that has grown up with the power of social media more prescient than ever, it’s little surprise that The Change Agency has unique insight into how to leverage this impressive resource. “We understand the human triggers that make people want to engage and buy,” Vishal Ladwa explains. “Whether it’s connecting you with tastemakers, completely reimaging your communications or providing the subtle nuances and insights; we will make your brand and campaign stand out and shine.” Since opening their doors nine years ago, The Change Agency has worked with over 48 clients in 19 different companies. This beverage social media agency draws not only on the specifics of this industry, but the universal truth that an understanding of underlying data is the secret to success. “Our data driven approach gives our clients a special and insightful viewpoint on their marketing initiatives,” Vishal tells us. “We combine this with the simple philosophy that every piece of communication has to capture your target audience’s attention using eye-catching imagery, humour, or emotion.” For the beverage industry, however, a specialist approach has allowed The Change Agency to become the gold standard which others must meet. The team has worked for long-standing names such as Faxe Beer and Wild Turkey, using their knowledge as a beverage social media agency to push them forward into the 21st Century. Their work on Faxe Beer can be seen here: https://thechangeagency.uk/socialmedia/faxe-beer. In brief, the team were responsible for creating culturally appropriate content that could be used in more than 15 countries. With a historic brand that hadn’t ever used social media, the focus was to formulate a launch strategy across multiple platforms. The team generated 8k followers in 10 months, hitting high engagement rates of 16.2% engagement and lows of 4.8%, completely smashing the industry benchmark. For Wild Turkey, the team were taking a renowned brand of bourbon and pushing it to another level. Their work, which can been seen at https://thechangeagency.uk/socialmedia/wildturkey was achieved through the use of premium photography shoots, smart advertising, strong copy and active community management which saw the brand grow 51% more than the previous year, reaching over 22 million people and maintaining an average engagement rate of 13.8%. The Change Agency team also supported the expansion of Wild Turkey into television with their first commercial which was directed by and starred Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. The success of The Change Agency has always come from knowing the detail of what the beverage industry wants, and does. The team are currently looking to grow their portfolio of beverage clients and help more spirit and beer brands grow rapidly. “As the landscape of social media evolves we look help our clients do more cool campaigns with things like as augmented reality,” says Vishal. It’s clear that the future is bright indeed for this intrepid crew. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: The Change Agency Name: Vishal Ladwa Email: vish@thechangeagency.uk Web Address: www.thechangeagency.uk Agents Of Change