Q1 2023

28 | Q1 2023 Jan23213 Travel Broadens The Mind When it comes to luxury travel PR, there are few finer than The PC Agency. Renowned for its high standards and prestigious clients, this business has risen through the ranks to become one of the most notorious names in the sector. Named Best Specialist Travel PR & Brand Consultancy 2023 – UK in the Business Elite Awards, we caught up with Paul Charles to explore precisely what the team had to offer. Founded by former BBC News presenter, and Virgin Atlantic director, Paul Charles, The PC Agency has an exceptional background on which to build its reputation. For hotels and airlines, tour operators and cruiseships, this incredible firm guides the path to success. Their indepth strategic insight, PR, trade marketing, digital and events support has brought them incredible acclaim. Despite only being founded in 2016, The PC Agency has quickly risen to the forefront of the industry. They work with more airline clients than any other PR agency in the UK, mixing them with luxury hotels, destinations, cruiselines and tour operators. The majority of businesses focus on specific sectors of the tourism and travel market, but such is the range of expertise that The PC Agency can offer that they can cater to any demand that might arise. At the heart of The PC Agency is its incredible team. 35 talented individuals provide the much sought-after advice that sets the business apart from the rest of the crowd. Their tenacity has been earned through an incredible company culture that includes a flexible working policy, a cost-of-living allowance which rose to £400 and a minimum of 27 days off a year. Paul is quick to credit the team for their hard work. “If you look after your team well, then your clients will look after themselves in the knowledge they have a strong team around them. Sir Richard Branson taught me the value of people being your best asset. Without them, you have no business so treat them as well as you can.” The growth of WFH has changed the business model of The PC Agency significantly, as it has unlocked a more creative approach. Their roles can all be done in the office, but being able to go out and about has inspired more dynamic ways of working to keep things fresh. These new concepts have been in demand as clients expect more and more from the time. Many now want The PC Agency to represent them internationally, which has meant that broader strategies must be developed. Looking ahead, it’s clear that there is still incredible potential still untapped. Great advice and sage counsel are always in demand as more people begin to consider a broader outlook on the world at large. As tourism begins again, so too must tourism PR throughout the UK and beyond. Needless to say, the secret to meeting this increased demand will be to grow as a company, and the team have a goal of reaching £5million in revenue by the end of 2024. This will depend on how the position of the business grows overseas, and what acquisitions can be made to support the success of the team. When it comes to developing travel PR, there truly is no firm finer. With a group of people leading the way who care deeply about what they do, it’s clear that The PC Agency is in exceptional hands. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: The PC Agency Name: Paul Charles Email: hello@pc.agency Web Address: www.pc.agency