Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 29 Jan23223 Rebox HR is a leader in HR, proactively working to protect your business from harm. Using a holistic approach to the sector, they have been able to achieve truly wondrous results. Having been recognised for their achievement by being named Best Bespoke HR Consultancy Provider 2023 - East Midlands in the Business Elite Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper and uncover more. In a world filed with HR consultancies, the work of Rebox HR stands apart as something a little different. Their support is bespoke, their attitude focused on the needs of the individual. With no two clients ever the same, the team are determined to get to the heart of the issues that they might face and find solutions that can transform their efficiency. Nothing is ever off-the-shelf. The secret to the success of Rebox HR is the combination of techniques used to push the boundaries of what is currently available. Not only does the team depend on their own experience, and exceptional advice, they use coaching and management tools to ensure that any change within an organisation is positive and generates improvement. The development of people to get closer to business success is something that drives the team on a daily basis. Recently, Rebox HR has pushed into new areas, supporting tech start ups with mastering the HR basics. This has involved getting contracts and HR software in place so that future scaling of companies is more straight forward. The team have also been supporting companies throughout complex investigations, including grievances and disciplinary situations. It is a credit to the team’s hard work and tenacity that they are trusted to support clients through such difficult proceedings. The team have also helped people who have acquired or are in process of selling their businesses, which would involve the transfer of staff or TUPE. What is clear from the success of Rebox HR is that people really want to see consistency in their HR policies. Whilst not necessarily part of any one business, Rebox HR has made its name through supporting people as though they are employees themselves. The key is that when the client succeeds, it reflects incredibly positively on the Rebox HR team too. Over the years, the team have made it their mission to put people first, and this means treating people how you expect them to be treated. It’s not easy to employ people and support them, but good HR makes it much easier to deal with any challenges that might arise. The best relationship is one which is constructive, constantly looking to build something better than what came before. No team understands this more than Rebox HR. Looking forward, it’s clear that the secret of Rebox HR has been the way in which it can support businesses through any challenge that may arise. The future of the business, therefore, is one which will continue to provide such a high quality service to clients no matter what the industry or size. The growth of the business, to support even more clients, is the natural next step for this intrepid crew. Company: Rebox HR Name: Natalie Ellis Email: natalie@reboxhr.co.uk Web Address: http://www.reboxhr.co.uk/ Putting People First