Q1 2023

30 | Q1 2023 Jan23279 Design In Action Your website is your pitch to the world at large. What do we do? How do we do it? What are we like? Here, design is everything. To define that design, it’s worth turning to a team that knows what they’re talking about. We dig a little deeper to find out more about GEL Studios, the team named Wiltshire’s Leading Web Design and Graphics Agency – 2023. Doing things the right way is one of the founding principles of GEL Studios. Since opening its doors ten years ago, they have committed to a path which involves no corner-cutting, no templates and no winging it. The result is a portfolio of projects which has not only generated stunning results but has gained confidence, goodwill and a number of award wins. Based in Swindon, the GEL Studios team have a passion for their work. They design bespoke websites, develop brand identities and launch marketing campaigns that have a real impact on their clients. The team don’t work for their clients, but with them to generate ideas and concepts that stand apart from the crowd. Whilst experts in creative thinking and an adaptable attitude, the team rely on their clients’ knowledge and input in order to create a bespoke product that is tailor-made to their requirements in every aspect. Because the GEL Studios team work with a vast array of clients and projects, their creativity is always being put to the test. Done right, the designs and strategies developed by the team play a crucial part in making a difference to people around the world. Whether it’s helping to heat a local community centre, raising funds for British-Ukrainian Aid or supporting domestic violence charities, making a difference always comes first for the GEL Studios team. Instead of working purely for the money, they work on projects that motivate them and push forward into bold new territory. That’s what sets them apart from the rest. Recently, the team have worked alongside the Swindon-based Festival of Tomorrow. This action-packed exploration of science, technology and research has opened the doors for people from a host of backgrounds to uncover exciting new ideas they might never have heard of before. Working in such an accessible way has been truly transformative for so many people, and is a true reflection of how the team operates. In this case, they were approached by the Festival of Tomorrow team because they needed support with digital and printed items for the festival. After the success of 2022, it’s little surprise that the team were invited back to create a new website for the 2023 event! Every project teaches lessons, especially to the receptive team at GEL Studios. The key to the success of Festival of Tomorrow was an awareness that they would make a real difference. This is what inspired the team to achieve such high standards of success. Going forward, it makes sense that this is going to be an integral part of how the studio functions. More recently there have been meetings about work that should or shouldn’t have been done, with timescales too short or briefs too vague. The future, therefore, is one where the team will collaborate on who to work with and why. For an SME, the chance to truly connect is what sets GEL Studios apart. This is a full-service agency that can afford to take the time to get to know precisely what a company needs, and can effortlessly strive to bring that vision to life. Over the years, the impressive standard of relationship that has been built has proven to be the backbone of the business’s success. Looking forward, it’s clear that GEL Studios is taking a bold new step into an exciting future indeed. The team’s determination to make a difference is not purely limited to the clients that the team take on, but the way in which they operate as a whole. GEL Studios is now a Certified B Corporation following a robust assessment period that examined all aspects of how the full-service creative agency operates. As a B Corp, GEL Studios is now part of a global community of businesses that meet high social and environmental impact standards. It has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance and is demonstrating accountability. Currently, the team are in a period of change, however. The move to a new studio has taken a great deal of time and energy alongside current projects. The new studio, in a converted farmhouse, is just a few doors down from where the team are now but will open up exciting new opportunities for creating an environment that reflects the business as it is now. The office renovation has been designed to be as sustainable as possible, using local tradespeople and environmentally friendly materials where possible. Truly, it will be a showcase for what GEL Studios has to offer. Design is more than a passive entity. It requires a proactive approach, which the GEL Studios team embody and deserves to be celebrated. Company: GEL Studios Email: hello@gelstudios.co.uk Web Address: www.gelstudios.co.uk “ Doing things the right way is one of the founding principles of GEL Studios. Since opening its doors ten years ago, they have committed to a path which involves no corner-cutting, no templates and no winging it. ”