Q1 2023

32 | Q1 2023 Jan23235 Hiring Heroes! KME Specialist Recruitment does things differently. When there’s a gap in your workforce, you don’t want to add to your regular workload by having to find new team members. This team know the importance of finding the right people for the right job, and take the stress out of the process by sourcing candidates that match your requirements quickly. Saving time, money and significant headaches. The value of turning to KME Specialist Recruitment is tremendous. The marketplace is filled with people looking to explore new ways of working and take advantage of exciting opportunities. KME Specialist Recruitment prides itself on having contact with some of the very best talent, and being able to partner them with businesses that will allow both parties to flourish. For this team, candidates deserve good treatment where they are respected for what they can bring to the table. As such, the team provide an honest service that secures roles where they will be happy. Under the direction of Michelle El-Din, KME Specialist Recruitment has gone from strength to strength over the years. She has a decade of expertise in the recruitment sector, and established KME Specialist Recruitment after identifying a gap in the sales arena’s recruitment industry. Her time in the industry taught her that whilst many want to connect candidates with companies, many do not have the care or attention to detail that people deserve. Since opening the doors of the business, KME Specialist Recruitment has been committed to delivering exceptional service to both candidates and clients alike. The success of this unique approach has led to reviews from companies saying “Having worked with many recruiters over the years and found most over sold and under delivered, it was a real pleasure to find Michelle was the opposite. Michelle brings integrity to an industry that is renowned for poor practice, her honest approach is welcome, and she is now my ‘Go To’ person when I need to recruit a professional.” Candidates have said “Michelle has done a wonderful job in finding me a new opportunity. I’m really pleased with the new position and totally impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail, I felt supported and valued.” In a world with such competition, having a team who can put you forward for something you know you will be good at is a rare thing indeed. It’s why KME Specialist Recruitment continues to thrive and will do so for the foreseeable future. Company: KME Specialist Recruitment Consultants Ltd Name: Michelle El-Din Email: info@kmerecruitment.com Web Address: https://kmerecruitment.com/ Companies are always looking for the best talent, but opening the door to opportunity is not as easy as it looks. For those who want to explore a new career, it’s worth turning to specialists like the team at KME Specialist Recruitment. Just recognised as Best Specialist Sales Recruitment Agency 2023 - South West in the Business Elite Awards, we thought it the right time to get a closer look.