Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 33 Nov22403 Best Educational Book Publisher - North West Barney and Echo Educational Resources is a publishing company based in Chester, Cheshire. It focuses on children’s books that discuss subjects that are hard to talk about, but important for children to have knowledge of. We take a closer look after its recent recognition by Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. The books are based on the adventures of Barney Eagle, Echo Squirrel and their friends who live in tree top forest. Each book discusses a different subject in relation to personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE). The topics include internet safety, cyber bullying, antisocial behaviour, the importance of looking after one’s mental health, and much more. It aims to make the learning of these subjects an enjoyable and fun experience, which means children will interact and therefore process the information easier. This approach provides them with information that they may not have been exposed to otherwise but it is beneficial to develop their understanding and behaviour. Barney and Echo Educational Resources maximises the learning of the book’s topic through activities to help young people process the information they have read, while also encouraging discussions in whatever setting the book may be read. As an example, Covid-19 was a strange and difficult time for all, but it affected children in a unique way. It is not easy to explain to a child the seriousness behind the virus and why suddenly school closures took over and everyone covered their faces with masks. The Woodland Virus provided children with a book that resembles their current reality, while also educating them on how to stay safe and stop the spread. The Barney and Echo range has been distributed to over 1.2 million children. Its customers are all types of businesses, that share the aim to educate children and it also works closely with The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain. Administered by serving and retired police officers, they carry out clubs to provide resources to the most disadvantaged children and young people in the community. It is possible that being exposed to such topics from a young age may lead for future generations to be more aware of others, their mental health, the planet, legal/illegal substances and their effect, and much more. This can lead for them to make better choices which will positively impact their life and will help them reach their full potential. Barney and Echo Educational Resources has big plans for 2023 and will be incorporating new books to the Barney and Echo Range. It comes as no surprise that it now holds the title of Best Educational Book Publisher - North West. We look forward to seeing it continue to create books that positively impact the lives of children and those around them. Contact: Kelly Griffiths Company: Barney and Echo Educational Resources Web Address: https://barneyecho.co.uk/