Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 45 Nov22405 Best Healthcare Staffing Platform - Yorkshire With the struggles that have faced the medical world since our emergence from the pandemic, staffing has never been more of an issue. Whether you’re an employer struggling to fill the gaps in your workforce, or a locum wanting to work without having to take up lengthy shifts that don’t fit in with your personal lifestyle, MyMedic Ltd (MyMedic) offers an opportunity for each to meet the other in the middle. And with such a streamlined process of doing so, you can be sure that your schedule is being handled with the utmost consideration. MyMedic Ltd understands the medical world more than anyone. With a very keen awareness of both the highs and the lows that those working in this field face, MyMedic has been able to construct a fantastic platform tailored to servicing those who need their help. Sometimes, no matter how much you enjoy your passion, not everyone can afford the time to work in their craft full-time. No matter your situation, MyMedic has the solution to your predicament. If you’re a locum searching for some work to fill, all you need to do is relay your availability, and MyMedic will search for the shifts and employers that will suit you. So, there’s no obligation for you to work at a pace that may be detrimental to your lifestyle. MyMedic has made it their mission to keep the love for the medical field alive within all of those who enjoy it too, and will help you pace yourself so that you can still keep doing the work you love, whilst enjoying the life you love as well. Additionally, MyMedic also approaches things from the perspective of employers too, and offers its services accordingly. The team recognises both sides of the coin – whilst locums may not want to work shifts bound by a contract, employers may only need someone temporarily to fill the roles they require. In this situation, MyMedic is the perfect agency for you to turn to. You needn’t have to worry about paying the fees that regular recruitment agencies may charge – MyMedic makes is far easier, and more costeffective, for employers to search for locums who suit their needs. MyMedic is a simply fantastic service geared towards suiting the needs of all of its clients, no matter what it is that they require. So, if you’re a locum searching for some work to fill the space, all whilst applying your detailed skillset, MyMedic will be more than happy to assist. Additionally, if you’re an employer in dire need of a couple of extra hands, you can be sure that MyMedic will find them for you. It completely eliminates the process of needing to formally employ someone, and takes the hassle and stress out of the employment procedure. The team will be able to recognise which locum suits which employer, and vice versa, and pair them accordingly. With such an efficient and easy-to-use platform ready for any qualified clinicians and employers alike to use, MyMedic has established itself as the go-to recruitment platform within the healthcare field. Your wants and needs are heard and taken very seriously, and you can proceed with a guarantee that you won’t be paired with someone who doesn’t suit you. You are MyMedic’s priority, and its this passion for the people that has earned the platform its award-winning status. So, if you’re wanting to be handled by a team of understanding individuals who recognise what’s best for you, MyMedic is by far the best option within the world of healthcare. Never again will you have to concern yourself with job seeking and the struggles that partner it. MyMedic will do all of the work for you, so you can keep doing what you love as frequently as you want. For both locums and employers, MyMedic truly is a lifesaver. Contact: Gareth Bennett Company: MyMedic Ltd Web Address: https://www.mymedic.network/