Q1 2023

46 | Q1 2023 Nov22603 Best Online Technical SEO Consultant 2022: Andy Drinkwater As some of us know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if used correctly, can be absolutely invaluable for our business. Not only does it help to spread the word of our work, but it can produce revenue higher than we could have ever experienced without it. Here we explore how Andy Drinkwater’s expertise, confidence, and ability has pushed him to greater heights within the world of SEO. Winning yet another award from SME News, Andy Drinkwater’s name is not one we will be forgetting. In this age, the age of digitalisation and online presence, it is imperative to expertly craft our brand and showcase it just as well. Of course, SEO can seem shrouded by complex language and difficult tactics. As rules, regulations, and algorithms are everevolving, it’s extremely important to keep up. But how do we keep up when we’ve got a business to run? There’s seemingly endless admin, both online and offline, to deal with, and that doesn’t even make a dent in the list of processes that we need to stay on top of. This is where Andy Drinkwater Ltd comes in. Its namesake, Andy Drinkwater is the Founder, Owner, and sole-operating consultant behind the magic. He understands how complicated algorithms work within search engines, in order to take our business to the next level. Since 1994, Andy has been a copywriter and technical author. He started out formulating documents that ensured people could get their work done in a smooth, stress-free manner – freeing their time up to concentrate on the task at hand. He then worked at a UK bank, uncovering the secrets of the user experience (UX). This inevitably led him on to uniting the two worlds in 1999 when he began his work at an early startup. Andy learnt about SEO and how it can help to expand a business in the digital sphere and, drawing upon his UX years, he then decided to take things further for himself as a freelance SEO consultant in 2009. Increasing our rating, Andy Drinkwater utilises his years of experience to transform our company’s presence to make us visible to the world. From link building to technical SEO audits, algorithm penalty recovery, online reputation management, and more, Andy has a deep well of knowledge that carries us far and wide. The pandemic brought about a huge influx of e-commerce as the digital world exploded. It has never been the same, but there are still businesses flying deep under the radar. For the businesses struggling to find the light, Andy can offer a lifeline – applying his wisdom and experience, Andy uplifts his clients’ business to greater heights for now and the future to come. Andy Drinkwater won Best Online Technical SEO Consultant 2022, and it comes as no surprise as his dedication continues to take his services one step ahead of his competition. If you’re looking to increase your visibility online, Andy Drinkwater is the one to visit. For hints and tips, you can find his blog here: https:// andydrinkwater.com/blog/. Contact: Andy Drinkwater Company: Andy Drinkwater Ltd Web Address: https://andydrinkwater.com