Q1 2023

Q1 2023 | 47 Nov22601 With its beginning in 2020, CP Staffing and Events started up in a tumultuous time – but that didn’t stop it from triumphing in the face of adversity. The company has risen to the top to become one of the very greatest in its industry, and the best in Yorkshire. Here we talk to Managing Director, Paul Evans, as CPSE wins its prestigious title from SME News. Finding temporary staff can seem daunting. It can even seem nightmarish. However, with CP Staffing and Events (CPSE), the job gets done better than we could have ever imagined. We know it’s difficult to imagine someone stepping into the shoes of our most seasoned expert, but CPSE has a multitude of tricks up its sleeve. The missing puzzle pieces are individuals with a zest for the industry we work in, and they are all within reach with CPSE. CPSE offers staffing solutions for short term and urgent needs so that businesses within the cleaning, catering and hospitality and events industry. It promises its clients greatness in those tight moments where worry and stress could easily set in. For the times when a staff member calls in sick, for sudden staff shortages, or for other kinds of emergencies, CPSE ensures each event can still run smoothly. CPSE not only provides workers in a plethora of industries, but it guarantees excellence, experience, and extraordinary individuals perfectly suited to each position. Delivering on staffing events from 1-200+ people, during peak times, CPSE knows how to manage temporary employment to a ‘t’. Managing Director of CPSE, Paul Evans, tells us, “Our core values are at integral part of the business operations which reflect a true open and honest relationship, working in partnership and delivering solutions.” CPSE’s dedication to its values is a shining example of a business that knows how to work its magic not only for its own gain, but for the benefit of others. The entire team is made up of individuals with the same passion for supporting others. Paul enthuses, “The staff are like and are family, from initially starting the business with just 2 people, to operating with 14 during our summer peak season, the family feel, and culture is very much alive, no matter what the challenge is they may come across, they bounce ideas of each other to deliver the best solution to our clients.” He continues, “The internal team are individually unique, with the minority of the team having recruitment experience, most of the team have been hired based on not necessarily their recruitment experience but on their industry experience, which is key for understanding our clients and candidates’ expectations and needs. I believe the main drive of the company’s success is the team being human, building on relationships with both clients and candidates, whilst Automation saves time and money, having someone who you can speak to in person or on the phone will always be a huge plus for many.” CPSE has now won Best Temporary Staffing & Recruitment Company in Yorkshire for all of its efforts, and it continues to aim high so that it can keep its momentum – helping others, and, of course, each other to succeed. The possibilities are endless with CP Staffing and Events as it offers temporary, extended period of hire, and permanent staff to support all business needs spanning across a wealth of industries. After helping businesses through some of the toughest times throughout the country, the future looks incredibly bright for this excellent organisation. Contact: Paul Evans Company: CP Staffing and Events Web Address: https://www.cpstaffing.co.uk/ “ Supporting sports and festival events as far as South London to North Scotland, CPSE’s name has travelled up and down the country. ” Best Temporary Staffing & Recruitment Company - Yorkshire “ We have been able to sponsor a Under 13’s Local rugby club, a local bar for Leeds Pride and be a platinum sponsor for the 6th Annual Macmillan charity ball held at York Racecourse. ” CP Staffing and Events