Q2 2021

19 | Q2 2021 Feb21618 Ploughing the Way Forward Data plays an extraordinary role in today’s society, guiding people and businesses to make better decisions. Understanding data is not always easy, with numerous factors involved. That’s why people turn to companies like Snowplow, with an approach that was named Best Behavioural Data and Analysis Solution, 2021 in SME News’ Business Elite 2021. We take a closer look to see just what it is that this team has done to achieve such success. In 2012, two data enthusiasts, Yali Sassoon and Alex Dean, came together to create an open-source project, one which would free data professionals from the limitations of packaged analytics solutions, such as those offered by Google and Adobe. Unlike these media giants, their solution would offer freedom and flexibility, alongside a transparent approach that ensured you would know where and what your data was used for. The result was Snowplow, and over the last nine years, the business has grown dramatically. Now it has become the world’s leading platform for behavioural data management, empowering organisations to collect and operationalise event-level data at scale. Snowplow enables people to free their data into the cloud environment of their join, while having the ability to adapt the production pipeline to match the specific needs of the business. It’s an open door to a world of wonder in the data sector. While the firm had humble beginnings, the principles have remained strong over the years. Now, while the data landscape begins to shift as businesses rely on information to gain a competitive advantage, the team at Snowplow are uniquely positioned to ensure that their clients are able to get the most use out of their data. Far from just storing it, Snowplow offers a range of different insights from marketing attribution to product analytics to real-time personalisation and more. As an open-source solution, one of the key differentiators for the team at Snowplow is the large community of users and contributors. While many companies keep their intelligence behind closed doors, the openness of this way of working has allowed for enormous growth at a rapid rate. The team are always close to the needs of their clients. As such, the need to continue in the development of this part of the business is clear. While many businesses have started to see the potential of data, it is those who are willing to embrace the possibilities that have benefited most from their knowledge. By giving organisations the opportunity to really control what they can do with their data, the Snowplow team have opened the doors to the creation of a real business asset. Snowplow technology is built to empower companies in every sector, but has become particularly prevalent in Retail, Media and Publishing, Software-as-a-Service (Saas), Travel and Digital Entertainment. Over the last few years, the data industry has become an enormously exciting area in which to work. While it has exploded as a sector, there are numerous pieces that make up this fractured marketplace. Businesses can struggle to find the right mix of data analysts, data engineers and the wider data team to suit them. In short, the breadth of this new technology has created many choices, but with no clear answers. The important thing, therefore, is to ensure that Snowplow stands out from the rest of the crowd. It already does this, with the title of leading behavioural data management platform, and has begun to build a category all of its own. As more and more companies turn to digital solutions, the essential need to control and understand data will become more important than ever before. Company: Snowplow Name: Simon Pickerill Email: simon@snowplowanalytics.com Web Address: snowplowanalytics.com