Q2 2021

26 | Q2 2021 Apr21177 Dedicated Drupal Developers Zoocha is a leading, full-service digital agency, specialising in Drupal development, a free and open-source web content management framework. We speak to CEO Will Huggins to find out more about the firm and its recent success in its recognition as Leading Specialists in Drupal Development 2021. Zoocha is a leading international digital agency with specialist expertise supporting clients in the government, charity and e-commerce sectors. Headquartered in the UK and with offices in Spain, Brazil and USA, Zoocha has more than 70 permanent employees across its core disciplines of digital strategy, UX design, Drupal development and Drupal support. Zoocha clients broadly fall under three main types, these being Government; charity; and e-commerce. Its governmental clients span both central and local government organisations, where Drupal is an increasingly popular technology choice. With charity and ecommerce clients, which overlap significantly, there is a focus on conversion rate optimisation and revenue generation. “A key differentiator from our competitors is our policy of not outsourcing our Drupal development,” explains Chief Executive Officer Will Huggins. “This not only ensures rigorous quality control but also fully addresses the strict information security requirements of many of our clients.” Zoocha culture is founded on five core values: 1. People - the team being the greatest asset and Zoocha nurtures talent through diversity and inclusivity. 2. Trust - integrity and honesty in everything the firm does. 3. Quality - delivering the highest levels of quality in all of its work. 4. Value for money - a fully transparent approach to pricing. 5. Success - working with clients as one team with shared measures of success. “These values have been a consistent foundation for the growth of the company since our formation in 2009,” Will continues. “Through these values, our mission is to be the best Drupal agency in the world. We have more certified Drupal developers than other UK agency and we never outsource our work, ensuring rigorous control over quality.” Zoocha’s dedicated support team provides 24/7/365 cover for its clients, ensuring their Drupal websites are fast, available and secure. The firm is ISO-certified for quality management and information security and the support team are ITILcertified to provide clients with the highest quality of service at all times. Will explains that the dedicated team at Zoocha is its most valuable asset and are central to the success of the company. With an exceptionally low turnover of staff, the culture has help to build a strong, experienced and happy team of experts. “Equality and inclusivity are a major focus at Zoocha, not least in our recruitment where we strive to build a diverse team,” he says. “When recruiting, we seek individuals with strong problem solving skills, interest in technology and a desire to learn. The team often describe Zoocha as a ‘family’ which reflects the culture and the driver of our success.” Technology is always evolving so staying at the cutting edge of technological change is a constant challenge, but of utmost important nonetheless to Zoocha. The firm invests significant time and resource in R&D and innovation to ensure it is delivering solutions that leverage the latest technologies and thinking. While Covid-19 presented challenges common to all businesses and individuals, Zoocha supported its team through those challenges, helping them transition to remote working by ensuring they had all the equipment and facilities they required. This also created opportunities for Zoocha to develop more team wellbeing initiatives like ‘desk yoga’ sessions, journaling workshops and virtual get togethers. Regarding the future, Will has plans for further developments at Zoocha. “A focus for 2021 is step changing our environmental management systems and policies, with the goal of achieving ISO 14001 certification for Environment Management.” Contact: Will Huggins Company: Zoocha Web Address: www.zoocha.com