Q2 2021

32 | Q2 2021 A Truly International, Affiliated Network Facilitating trade expansion is Affirm Trade & Invest’s powerhouse. With offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom and over 13 years of consulting experience, it provides extensive interculturally active alignment through its absolute network, devoting time to identify clients’ unbounded goals and underpinning to pioneer the worth they’re looking for. Recognised by SME News as Best in Investment and Management Consulting for SMEs 2021, we take a closer look at the company. Affirm Trade & Invest aligns with peculiar overseas markets, matching well-formed skills, market experience and industry centrism to provide clients in both private and public sectors with bespoke, practical advice. It works closely with its global colleagues’ countries on behalf of its clients to create a truly international, affiliated network. Its staff work in three person teams around the client’s case: one in their home country who speaks their language, the export developer in their target country, and it also has a colleague join the team with expertise in the client’s industry. With experience in food, fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, interior design, and clothing and apparel, as well as in B2B services, architecture, education, and technology, even in small niches, Affirm has worked for major clients and a large range of medium-sized enterprises around the world. The company backs SMEs, making it easier for them to invest, create jobs and grow the economy. To do this, it listens to these businesses to understand the challenges and opportunities they face, and it then identifies opportunities to improve the operating environment for them. It is accountable for making real measurable impacts for SMEs, providing expert policy advice and programmes to facilitate their growth. Data and insights are gathered to inform evidence-based, integrated policy design across government, and it engages across government to highlight issues affecting SMEs to ensure their needs are considered. Ultimately, Affirm enables SMEs to thrive by providing the information, connections and support they need. Affirm can provide an array of services to SMEs in the form of market research/assessment, market entry strategy, distributors research, commercial due diligence, investors/partner research, customer prospecting/management, company May21405 registrations and start-up support in the UK and South Africa, sales and marketing strategies, concrete sales, marketing and PR activities, exhibition/fair participation, management and staff recruitment support, export-manager-for-hire, and trade mission services. It understands the unique pressures that business owners face, but also the benefits gained from the insight and support of a perceptive, intelligent team on board. It knows that it can assist clients in implementing the right solutions for the best results. Whatever the client’s stage of development, from initial start-up ventures through to established corporate enterprises and succession planning, Affirm’s business advisory team has the experience, insight and solutions that any SME business needs to achieve its goals. It adds value to the client’s business by offering a full range of service solutions including business compliance, business value maximisation, systems review and process re-engineering, sustainability, strategic planning, financial diagnostic analysis, cashflow and profitability, reliance on key individuals, and transferability process efficiency. Affirm is also an expert organisation in connecting South African businesses to the world and world businesses to South Africa. It has a proud history of assisting South Africans to pursue their global ambitions and has the power to open doors and unlock opportunities in order to grow their businesses. It attracts transition investment to support new industries, enhance existing ones and bolster its worldclass research and development – strengthening global supply chains, creating local jobs and boosting the economy.