Q2 2021

38 | Q2 2021 Apr21664 Most Client-Focused Commercial Dispute Resolution Firm 2021 Quastels is an outstanding law firm that has built an exemplary base of internationally renowned clientele over time, making a name for itself with its increasingly diligent service. This, alongside a growing depth and breadth of legal solutions, has certainly made it one to watch in the world of commercial law. A commercial law firm gaining growing repute globally, Quastels is distinguished by the quality of the relationships it builds with its clients. From the very first consultation, it is dedicated to constructing trust and good communication with them so that they feel seen and heard, taking the pressure off of the client and helping them to achieve a satisfactory result in line with their goals and requirements. Fundamentally, it has achieved this through exemplary customer service and outstanding industry knowledge. Over the past two decades that it has been in operation, this client-centric method has allowed it to build up a customer base who rely on it as their go-to legal firm, cultivating a clientele that put their businesses in Quastels’ capable hands and come away satisfied every time. Due to this, its roster of clients include a multitude of international heavy hitters. This includes companies with global reach and private individuals both, many of whom seek it out due to the reputation it holds for excellence, in turn making Quastels a close partner to their businesses. The benefit of such a thing, of course, is that the client has access to Quastels expert counsel, with principle capabilities in a myriad of areas such as corporate and commercial sectors, real estate, dispute resolution, employment, and immigration. Furthermore, it is in particular known for its work in the retail industry, serving premier brands and luxury sectors, acting for a number of worldwide brands that are worth multiple billions in value. Such customers – past, present, and future – expect a certain level of quality that Quastels delivers seamlessly every time, lending them the full support of its experienced, integrated, and multi-disciplinary team of lawyers. This team is spectacular for several reasons, but one of the big ones is the quality of communication. Internally, Quastels prides itself on inter-departmental attitude; the lawyers within its ranks are constantly in contact to ensure that each client receives a comprehensive service, and that each person is on the same page. This aptly shows its dedication to teamwork and cultivating an excellent working atmosphere for its staff. Nominally, each member of the team brings something unique to it, be it their particular specialism, topic area, or perspective, meaning that Quastels has been able to facilitate a team containing certain capabilities that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Quastels believes that the ethos behind a team is one of the most important ways to ensure the effectiveness of said group, and so, its staff maintain a belief that together they are greater than the sum of their parts. Of course, even with such an outstanding staff behind it, Quastels found the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak challenging. The virus brought with it a needed re-evaluation of the modern workplace, including how work-life balance is thought of, and Quastels recognised this in early 2020, seeing this change be spurred on by several high talent lawyers considering new ways of working and fresh professional approaches. Consequentially, it doubled its efforts to review and re-plan, reimagining its internal operations for the better. It turned its focus inward so that it could streamline itself and better its services, developing a stronger internal culture with a focus on a dynamic collegiate environment, driven forward by a strong sense of purpose. Due to these developments it was able to hire 6 new talented fee earners and two new partners, something which has set its sights even more solidly on the bright future that lies ahead – for both Quastels, and its clientele. Company: Quastels LLP Contact: Michael Haringman Website: https://www.quastels.com/ ...the ethos behind a team is one of the most important ways to ensure the effectiveness of said group, and so, its staff maintain a belief that together they are greater than the sum of their parts.