Q2 2021

Q2 2021 | 43 both its team and its service capabilities have expanded. Additionally, it is dedicated to ensuring that this trajectory remains following this growth, and now boasts customers such as Volvo Busses and Trucks and Reno Trucks, working across depots everywhere from Coventry to Banbury, Croydon, and Enfield. It has also served companies such as Maxi, Dreams, Full Force, and In Transit. Overall, it offers the best quality at the best prices for the most reliable services, ensuring to work around a client’s schedule and make itself an empathic and invaluable part of running their business, ensuring vehicles old and new alike are ready to serve their end users. Internally, its staff have worked hard to ensure this reputation is not only well-earned, but expertly maintained. Naming its team its most indispensable asset, each member of it is highly trained and incredibly dedicated when it comes to client service, working to the height of industry standards. In return, Car Wash City ensures that they come in to a working environment that is supportive as well as professional and motivating; it accomplishes this by taking its duty of care very seriously, offering transport and covering all travel costs whenever they have to work further afield, as well as sorting accommodation if needed. Furthermore, it offers continuous training and upskilling, available to them throughout their careers with the company. Its workshops are an excellent method by which it ensures each staff member is working to its recognisably outstanding quality, as well as ensuring that each of them as the confidence to do so. Car Wash City’s employees, therefore, extend this brilliant atmosphere out towards the customers, providing them with customer service that takes care of their every need – be it emergency cleaning, after hours cleaning, and more, Car Wash City is committed to being able to deliver. During the course of the Covid-19 outbreak, Car Wash City has ensured its staff can continue to offer their services safely with its new procedures and protocols in place. This includes its bubble team system, wherein two team members will be working on the same project, provided with all the personal protective gear and hygiene solutions required. Initially, responding to such rules and keeping up to date with an ever-changing paradigm in a world coping with a pandemic was exceedingly difficult, and Car Wash City was presented with many challenges in this manner. It managed this by applying the usual professional rigour it applies to all of its work, however, and pulled through by pivoting elegantly to adapt to rules and restrictions as they changed over time, continuing to serve its clients with the dedication and quality that they have come to expect. Thus, 2021 has found Car Wash City bigger and better than ever. It is excited to see what could be next for its business as it moves forward into the rest of 2021, and will be striving to expand its services further in order to offer a range of cleaning products such as Car Wash City Super TFR, shampoo, car refreshers, and cockpit shine, as well as releasing an upcoming range of different aromas and colours for each of these products. Company: Car Wash City Contact: Erion Jazai Website: carwash-city.co.uk Best Commercial Vehicle Cleaning & Preparation Specialists - Midlands