Q2 2021

42 | Q2 2021 Best Commercial Vehicle Cleaning & Preparation Specialists - Midlands Car Wash City is a specialist firm serving business both large and small, ensuring their vehicles are in perfect condition across entire fleets and dealerships. From professional hand car wash to decal removal, its efforts have secured its position as a favourite vehicular cleaning service provider for its region. A vehicle washing service operating out of Coventry, Car Wash City was established in 2009 under the principles of comprehensive, professional, and industry leading service. Therefore, its solutions have been developed with these forming the core of its business, resulting in a company that has developed a reputation for going above and beyond for its clientele – the market segment of business owners. In addition, because its work focuses on companies and their vehicle washing needs, it has a wide ranging and impressive list of capabilities that it has built up over time. This, firstly, includes the on-site washing of massive HGV fleets; with this service, a client can expect spotless results through thorough and efficient work taking place at the client’s convenience. Car Wash City in this way shows its clients how its solutions focus on putting them first every time and without fail. Furthermore, its onsite services also extend to MOT onsite cleaning. These services are 24/7 in nature and also cover its contract valet work, supplying its trademark quality and diligence to general businesses, dealerships, and hauliers across its region. In tandem with this, Car Wash City also offers more affordable daily rates that are highly competitive in terms of pricing – these are aimed at its area’s smaller businesses, ensuring that all professionals can access exemplary car wash services no matter the scale of their operation. When working for car dealership businesses, it is also proud to be able to offer its professional hand car wash service. Car Wash City’s fully trained technicians will once again work on the site of the client to ensure every vehicle looks its best, using only the best materials and cleaning products to ascertain the best results. Consequentially, its services have gleaned a reputation for being unparalleled quality in results Mar21136 and customer service, as it has coached every staff member to treat each vehicle as if it were their own – this pride in their work allows it to guarantee pristine work time and time again. Further contributing to the breadth and depth of its work, it also offers decal and wrap removal services. A specialised area of auto-detailing, this service in particular has earned Car Wash City notoriety as it is one of the more difficult and precise services in its industry. What may initially seem simple – removing a small piece of vinyl for example – can quickly turn extremely complicated if done incorrectly, and result in damage to the paint job of the car; in the past, Car Wash City has had the task of rectifying many graphic removal jobs that have gone wrong. When graphic removal is done unprofessionally, it can be extremely costly for the client. This is where Car Wash City steps in to ensure that this does not happen. Firstly, it removes the top layer of the film or vinyl, the easiest part and the part that so often deceives people into thinking that the removal of the rest of it will be just as simple. After this has been completed, it can remove the underlying adhesive glue, followed by removing any residue from the adhesive that is still clinging to the body of the car by using the most up to date in industry techniques and products. Once the decal or wrap is fully removed from the vehicle, Car Wash City then goes in and polishes the abraded substrate surface to ensure a gleaming finish. As is evident, Car Wash City has grown exponentially over the years; since its beginnings offering its professional hand wash HGV cleaning solutions to nearby businesses,