Q2 2021

49 | Q2 2021 Jun21295 Located in Narberth, Wales, Mojo Marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy offering a wide range of services for businesses looking to develop strategic and effective integrated marketing campaigns. SME News has recognised Mojo Marketing as Best Strategic Marketing Consultancy 2021 - Wales, so we dive into learning more about the company. Mojo Marketing is all about the brand. It boasts over 25 years’ experience with high profile FMCG brand management roles within blue chip global organisations, including Coca Cola, Mars (Masterfoods), and Unilever, to name but a few. Locally, Director Nicola Merriman enjoyed over eight years as in-house Head of Marketing with Princes Gate Spring Water, and was responsible for the complete brand overhaul, resulting in the exponential growth of the brand, recently acquired by Nestlé. Since the business launch in 2015, MOJO Marketing enjoy working with Princes Gate on a consultancy basis, Mojo has further diversified into non-FMCG arenas, including Tourism where it has enjoyed immense success with businesses throughout Wales. Priding itself on remaining top of its game when it comes to digital marketing, Mojo is the fastest paced marketing channel, consistently innovating, training, learning and embarking on the journey with each client to ensure it remains on the cutting edge of this vital discipline. The company delights in how the advent of social media has levelled the playing fields for businesses irrespective of scale and turnover, with Mojo’s results being unrivalled in Pembrokeshire. MOJO also create bespoke, fully integrated websites on a variety of platforms, depending on the allocated budget – indeed, Mojo can replicate its own website for a client if they like what they see, for a fraction of the cost of some quotes they may have already received. It’s hard to look anywhere in the world today without spotting the creative brilliance of an artistic graphic designer. Every brand has a unique story to tell. Mojo’s team is passionate about extracting a brand’s unique selling point and bringing it to life in a visual manner. Its in-house creative directors and graphic designers can handle every step of the process, including developing a creative brief and brand architecture. Bringing Brands to Life Mojo is also passionate is copyright and PR. Establishing a brand tone of voice is almost as important as a brand visual identity. Mojo is enormously proud of its ability to ‘read’ a business and to translate into credible script through which to best communicate with their target market. Mojo founder, Nicola Merriman boasts both an MBA and an MA in public relations and exudes a flair for the same – something which resonates throughout the business. There’s no greenwashing at Mojo. It is a certified team, well versed in steering clients’ businesses towards a more sustainable route. The team boasts qualifications in auditing and environmental management services so as to back up any brand promises. It detests brands that makes false claims in the name of Mother Nature and will make every effort to guide clients’ businesses to address the growing concern in the most effective and honest of manners. Brands that tell the truth cannot lose. Integrity is the new order. Mojo’s core goals are to provide a seamless integration of marketing into all of its clients’ businesses. The majority of its client base are SMEs with no in-house capability, and so Mojo becomes an extension of the internal team and really gets under the skin of the brand values and credentials. What differentiates Mojo from the scope of its peers is the full, holistic approach it takes with strategic, integrated marketing, from the macro brand architecture build and brand creation, to the micro online digital strategies, and everything in between. It is a client-centric business, not “yes” people, but a team that will give the full, honest interpretation of the best routes forward for the client’s proposition. A significant proportion of Mojo’s clients are based in the travel, tourism, catering and hospitality sectors. COVID-19 has had a massive effect on these businesses. Mojo is proud that for each client affected by the pandemic, it worked with them throughout the entire lockdown periods on a pro-bono basis, whereby it continued to market their businesses to sustain brand awareness and to best prepare for reopening – especially when it came to social media, maintaining follower engagement throughout. For the majority of clients, this meant that their customers were at all times informed of progressions, and there was a great deal of good will generated as a result. 2021 sees the continued growth of the team at Mojo, and of its talent and capabilities. It is always on the cutting edge of innovations in design and marketing, and in business trends in general. It likes to be at all times politically and socio-economically aware so that it has a good insight into consumer trends and forecasts. It is excited to be working with some national and international players, some within the communications/tech sectors and others in large scale visitor attractions. Company: Mojo Marketing Ltd Contact: Nicola Merriman Website: www.mojomarketingltd.co.uk