Q2 2021

50 | Q2 2021 May21368 Boosting Online Sales PureClarity is a relatively young company, founded and run by people who really understand both technology and online retail. Its expertise in understanding the challenges faced by B2C and B2B SME online retailers coupled with a great personalisation feature set has enabled PureClarity to create a powerful and cost-effective ecommerce personalisation solution that delivers a positive ROI from the outset. This is why it has been recognised as Best in Ecommerce Personalisation Solution 2021 by SME News. Join us as we take a closer look at the company. By empowering online merchants to create powerful personalised oneto-one online shopping experiences that mirror those received instore, PureClarity not only boosts clients’ online sales, conversion rates and re-engages lapsed customers, but also helps them to build a loyal and valuable customer base. The full range of PureClarity features available to every client regardless of size, vertical or business type is used across a wide range of industries including homewares, charities, sports and leisure, beauty, fashion, and manufacturing. Even better, it supports B2C as well as complex B2B clients. PureClarity is being called a market disruptor, bringing together the power of AI, machine learning technology and strategic insight and implementation to online SME businesses across the globe. There is a perception that ecommerce personalisation is expensive. The personalisation space is becoming ever more crowded with new competitors emerging all the time. Most of PureClarity’s competitors offer similar features that are much more expensive and not always as intuitive, but they actively target the enterprise market. PureClarity was born as a unique, affordable, easy to manage effective solution for the SME market. With its very inclusive culture, each member of staff plays an important part. PureClarity is open and honest and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to put forward new ideas as to how the company can onboard new clients and ensure existing clients continue to grow. As a relatively small team, each of PureClarity’s clients has a key Customer Success Manager as their main port of call, but also have direct access to the marketing and development teams should there be a need. Throughout 2020 and early 2021, many retailers turned their attentions to online selling due to lockdown and the closure of non-essential shops. All eyes were online. The pandemic quickly highlighted to businesses where they needed to focus their attention, whether this was on shipping and fulfilment, customer experience, online support or improving their online customer experience and conversion, etc. Certain industry verticals organically boomed online due to demand, while others found the transition to solely online a little more challenging. PureClarity understands that ecommerce businesses have experienced unprecedented growth throughout lockdown, and recent research that the company has undertaken with 250 larger UK SMEs shows that there are many challenges for businesses to sustain this growth, including high pressure to deliver at the same pace, and a crowded software solution market that makes it difficult for businesses to know what works and what doesn’t. There are varying degrees of understanding of ecommerce personalisation within the SME market so PureClarity really tries to understand the challenges that businesses are facing online. It is very much a consultative approach. PureClarity hang their hat on three great USPs of price, service and delivery. COVID-19 has not directly affected PureClarity, and for this very reason it was able to offer consultancy services to businesses on how to survive the pandemic by creating authority content with helpful tips and guides on how to do so. It even extended its free trial period from 14 days to 30 days to support businesses financially, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of the software free of charge. Being an affordable solution that allowed independent retailers to improve their online customer experience and improve conversion, PureClarity saw an increase in the number of clients being onboarded. The only impact that the pandemic had on the team at PureClarity, as it has so many other businesses, is that the team are in the most part now remote based but with technology such as Zoom, Hangouts and Slack, and the team feels more productive than ever. PureClarity’s remit for the remainder of 2021 is to continue to position itself as an ecommerce personalisation thought leader within the SME market for businesses both B2C and B2B. Its focus is on adding value at every step for its clients. Following their large piece of UK SME market research on the ecommerce revolution and digital transformation which highlighted a lot of challenges that ecommerce specialists are now facing, the company will be addressing each of these challenges individually over the coming months. Contact: Joanne Burman Website: www.pureclarity.com Email: sales@pureclarity.com ...is that the team are in the most part now remote based but with technology such as Zoom, Hangouts and Slack, and the team feels more productive than ever.