Q2 2021

51 | Q2 2021 Mar21617 Named the ‘Best Domestic and Commercial Heating Systems Engineer’ in 2021 for the region of Essex, Chelmsford Gas Services has been raising the standards of excellence in its industry. The new innovations both incoming and existing have set it apart as a leading force for change in its sector. Founded in 2011, Chelmsford Gas Services Ltd was started by Mr Richard Goodyear, off the back of successfully running a plumbing and heating company. The prior company had given him twelve years of invaluable industry experience before he began Chelmsford Gas, and so when he came to setting it up as a specialist gas heating and repair company, it hit the ground running. Today, its services cover installation and repairs for both domestic and commercial clients in order to meet a very high standard. These follow its signature core values, such as using the very best materials and workmanship available to achieve the best results, bettering itself all the while through courses, training, and upskilling – Chelmsford Gas is a company dedicated to keeping up to date with the best practices of its industry. Its resolve to consistent excellence and development ensures that not only does this company never stagnate, it has a finger on the pulse of techniques and technologies, able to offer only the best to its customers. Additionally, Chelmsford Gas’s application of these has become well-renowned in its region for professionalism, diligence, and reliability. With this approach keeping it at the top of its profession and its clients appreciating the quality of its work across the board, it impresses every customer; something that effectively allays the fears of those who have been let down by contactors before. Consequentially, much of its growth has resulted in word of mouth referrals and glowing testimonials, naturally expanding the reach of Chelmsford Gas over time and earning it a gradually increasing client base. Given the knowledge held within the team, it is easy to see how it succeeds in aiming to impress. Each member of staff working for Chelmsford Gas works hard to keep the reputation of the company a stunning one, keeping its values at the forefront and embodying them with every task – additionally, they are emboldened by a Teaching an Old Industry New Tricks training programme that keeps everyone in the team at the top of their game. Whilst it works in a timely manner, it ensures that work is conducted thoroughly as its foremost priority. Every detail, no matter how small, is given the appropriate amount of attention needed to complete it, and the time it invests in doing so reassures customers that the job will be completed to the highest of industry standards. Internally, its team also appreciate not being rushed when they are working, taking immense pride in it– a pride that extends out to the customers, as they benefit from the outstanding results. It also champions energy efficient systems. With the topic of sustainable energies and corporate environmental responsibility becoming more of a prevalent conversation by the day, Chelmsford Gas has been working hard to install services that can stand toe to toe with renewable energy solutions in terms of efficiency. Its offerings can work with hydrogen; an update it put into place in order to lead by example in its wider industry, hoping that a slow transition to this fuel source will help in the move away from fossil fuels and take the world down a more ecologically responsible path. Chelmsford Gas is also funnelling significant effort into further innovations. Currently, it is working on an online boiler estimator which differs from anything currently available on the market, and an online booking system to streamline services and repairs, making it a 24/7 system. It is looking forward to using all of these to take both itself and its clients into the future. Company: Chelmsford Gas Services Contact: Richard Goodyear Website: Chelmsfordgasservices.co.uk