Q2 2021

52 | Q2 2021 Mar21300 The New Way In the wake of its recognition as the Best in IT Support and Cyber Security Solutions, 2021 – Derby, we find out more about Neuways, the dedicated IT support partner to businesses across the globe. Based in Derby, UK, Neuways is a dedicated partner to businesses that require IT security and support services in solutions that are effectively implemented to facilitate their growth. More than a decade after its inception, Neuways has learnt through its work with more than 200 companies worldwide the value of a bespoke approach to IT solutions that incorporates the unique and varied needs of each client. Moreover, Neuways recognises that cyberspace can be a daunting prospect for many companies, so prioritises making sure those businesses have secure, functional and well implemented IT capabilities. “We support and manage your IT and cybersecurity, so you can get on with doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge that you have a reliable partner in Neuways.” Neuways therefore offers a comprehensive repertoire of services to its clients that encompass IT support, Cyber Security, and Business Solutions. From training in the best software and systems for your business, to consultancy on the most effective cybersecurity, to network management and monitoring, Neuways is able to offer extensive support through knowledgeable IT support. With its assistance, businesses are able to utilise the full benefits of IT to grow and develop their business, rather than worrying about it as potential cause of disruption to the business. Chief among these potential disruptions is downtime, one of the largest threats to any business. After a tough 2020 for many, downtime remains a persistent enemy for both small to medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise-level corporate giants. Ultimately, if you’re a business, downtime can have a devastating impact on your company. Downtime is a time period that a business is unable to operate within. It is usually caused by an event, such as a cyber-attack, fire or flood in a workplace or a server failure. In 2020, according to Datto, the average cost of downtime surged by a huge 94% year-on-year, from £105,867 in 2019 to £205,878 last year. These sums of money are large enough for a business of any size to sit up and take notice. Consequently, Business Continuity is now ranked as the number one solution to combat attacks of any kind on a business – 91% of 1,000 MSPs surveyed said clients with the necessary products in place were less likely to experience downtime from ransomware, in particular. Neuways is the expert in supplying businesses with multi-layered Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans, that help to keep organisations operational by reducing the risk of downtime. These plans ensure a business is fully protected by regularly ensuring that all company data is backed up to three different locations: on-device, local backup appliance, and the Cloud. The Power of 3, as it is known, ensures that data is managed correctly and can be recovered swiftly in the event of a disaster that stops staff from using the company’s files and systems. Disaster Recovery as a Service, (DRaaS) from Neuways, runs alongside a business’ existing IT support provision. The service assesses existing backup solutions and whether it adequately meets requirements. In addition, the service regularly tests data that has been backed up, ensuring it is operational if needed, as well as guaranteeing that users will be back online within an hour in the event of server failure. Having effective BCDR plans in place can be the difference between little to no downtime or up to four weeks of zero operations while waiting for a server to be fixed or replaced. By investing in a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution and plan, a business is placing stock in its future. Without planning and preparing for the worst, a business cannot hope to survive the next disaster. As such, Neuways strives to offer not only outstanding IT support that is tailored to the unique needs of a business, but access to decades of industry expertise. “That way, your IT can be a tool to assist you in your growth, and not something that holds you back.” Contact: Conor Davies Company: Neuways Web Address: www.neuways.com