Q2 2021

53 | Q2 2021 May21177 Founded by Hatti Suvari in 2012, Red Bar Law is an award-winning law firm which specialises in commercial and company dispute resolution. Its legal experts are highly experienced and have an in-depth knowledge of commerce and industry. When a dispute arises, the team realises that a quick response, time efficient and results-driven service is important, and it has never failed to deliver on time and within budget. Red Bar Law offers first-class support and high-level legal assistance, with a no-nonsense, proactive and pragmatic approach to assisting every client in achieving the results that they are after. As well as being specialists in complex and high-net worth divorce matters, the Red Bar Law team brings specialist legal assistance and a depth of understanding and experience in commercial litigation and employment matters for both employers and employees. It assists businesses with high-value disputes, ranging from contract disputes, to business partner/shareholder disputes and much more. Two case studies which highlight Red Bar Law’s highly effective and cost-efficient service include the following. Firstly, when responding to an urgent situation at the BBC, Red Bar Law understood the problem quickly and had a team physically in place within days. Its specialist service successfully helped a department that was suddenly very short-staffed and workload heavy. Secondly, Red Bar Law’s unique and exemplary service saved a family enterprise approximately £6 million in legal fees. With its personal and passionate response, Red Bar Law understands that its clients and their loved ones are going through a difficult time, so the firm is tenacious and robust in delivering the results the client needs. It works with highly experienced barristers, and together, they offer expert advice and assistance in handling complex and highvalue divorces, as well as fast assistance with disputes over children and finances, with domestic or cross border complications. Most Client-Focused Boutique Law Firm – London Founder and CEO, Hatti Suvari was born in Islington, London, and after a decade of working in the legal sector, she had been recognised by the profession as a “legal expert” and a leading businesswoman. Hatti’s background in the world of corporate finance and her own experience of a complex and acrimonious divorce helped her to understand the struggles and challenges that come with such a life-changing event, which she describes as being “one of the most difficult times of my life”. This personal experience, along with other profound situations pushed her to try and understand the law, which in turn spurred her to want to establish and run a law firm that delivers legal services with fixed fees and in a bespoke client-focused way. In 2012, Hatti was the first non-lawyer to become regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as such, she established Red Bar Law LLP. She organised a team of the best legal minds in the business, and at the Bar, with whom she works closely to assist her clients. She applies strategy, common sense and commercial approach to each client matter to ensure each dispute is resolved and every query explained and answered, together with a no-nonsense and diligent attitude. Through Red Bar Law, Hatti thrives on guiding people through difficult and challenging times within legal disputes, by offering the support and the assistance that she wished she had received when going through her many earlier legal challenges. In 2020, Hatti set up Get Legally Speaking, one of the fastest growing podcasts, offering free, jargonfree legal conversation on all aspects of the law for everyday people. It is listened to in over 105 countries worldwide and it quickly found its way to being in the top 1% of UK podcasts with over 600,000 downloads in its first 14 months. You can find Get Legally Speaking at www.getlegallyspeaking.com. Even though Hatti’s journey into the legal sector did not come from qualifying as a lawyer, she has been able to assist many people in difficult and challenging legal disputes, and she has helped to break down the legal jargon for many who find themselves vulnerable as clients to the legal industry, as the legal sector has a reputation for being overpriced, intimidating and difficult to understand. Company: Red Bar Law Contact: Hatti Suvari Website: www.redbarlaw.com