Q2 2021

54 | Q2 2021 May21469 Best UHNW Family Office Legal Advisor 2021: Olivia Cooper Having made a name for itself in the eyes of a worldwide clientele by ensuring the financial future of ultra-high-networth individuals and institutions, Axiom DWFM is making itself the go-to family office legal firm for the modern elite. Led by prestigious voices and knowledge within the legal industry, its previous success has made way for an even brighter future. Founded by Victor Mischon – subsequently Baron Mischon – in 1959, Axiom Stone, now Axiom DWFM, has become a trusted legal firm for a worldwide prestigious clientele. Its operation began in its Holborn office in London; and using that as a springboard it has become known as a trusted advisor to many successful people and businesses that have taken the firm through the numerous growth phases of the UK and global economy. More recently they have reached yet another milestone in the firm’s success to date, merging with DWFM Bekman to form Axiom DWFM. The merger creates a combined team of over 150 staff - including 19 partners, located across offices in London and Birmingham. Axiom DWFM builds on its antecedent’s established reputation as a leading firm in multiple practice areas in the Legal 500, creating a more comprehensive offering. The firm has a strong international reach, with extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience in multiple disciplines including Family Office and Private Wealth, Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation and Corporate Recovery. Axiom DWFM look after clients and their reputations internationally, these include large corporations, family businesses, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Clients benefit from their membership of the International Practice Group, a global association of independent lawyers and other professional advisers at their disposal. Axiom DWFM has considerable expertise in serving both the Chinese and Indian markets, ensuring it is well-placed to handle the needs of clients in South East Asia as well as UK clients looking to move into those markets. The worldwide contact base of Axiom DWFM allows it to provide comprehensive advice to clients across multiple jurisdictions, navigating strategic decisions that impact both businesses and personal lives. Axiom DWFM exhibits a global mind-set that celebrates their geographic diversity and works seamlessly across borders. They are futureorientated and strategic, valuing new ideas and perspectives listening attentively to ensure they deliver the highest standard of legal advice and exceed client service expectations. Axiom DWFM pride themselves on the pragmatic legal knowledge they bring to clients along with geopolitical insight, commercial acumen and flair to ensure its advice can be successfully applied by clients in the real world providing a positive contribution to its local and global communities. In tandem with this, its services for ultra-highnet-worth individuals specifically have become renowned for excellence. Olivia Cooper leads the Axiom DWFM Family Office and Private Wealth Team serving clients and institutions worldwide. Axiom DWFM acknowledges that, now more than ever, wealth management and strategic life planning is a constantly evolving industry with increasingly numerous challenges and opportunities along the way; driven first and foremost by the changing needs of today’s UHNW individuals with successful businesses and families. One such evolution has been the advent of the virtual single-family office - bringing the benefits of the traditional single family office but delivering them in a contemporary manner befitting todays technological age and planning for beyond. This allows a wide range of wealthy families and businesses to enjoy the key benefit of a single family office, being a synergistic approach and extensive expertise in wealth preservation and succession planning. Overall, Axiom DWFM provides wealthy families and businesses with coordinated solutions for protecting their wealth, maintaining personal control over assets and ensuring the education and development of future generations. Axiom DWFM’s strong commitment to learning and development along with its inclusive culture shows why legal professionals of all levels are keen to join them. They are very proud of their paralegals and trainee solicitors and delighted that Axiom DWFM was able to keep hiring throughout the pandemic in order to provide opportunity to its industry’s growing pool of young talent. Some legal firms have struggled with Brexit and where the UK is heading outside of the EU, however Axiom DWFM do not see this as a challenge, but more of an opportunity as it helps clients unlock the potential of Global Britain. The wider legal professional will be grappling with the retained law snapshot of the EU, incorporated into domestic law in 2018, but Axiom DWFM foresees this as being merely a